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A lot of times I psyche and freak myself out for no reason. (before performances, competitions, etc.) I know that thinking badly about myself and freaking out over a performance will only hinder my dancing, but a lot of times it's really hard for me to control. I have something important coming up, and I don't want to freak out beforehand and affect my performance. Does anyone have any positive thinking books or rituals that they can offer me? Thanks.

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You don't need a book, you need a quick, easy fix.


I recommend the Eisenhower. People always wondered why Ike could always fetch up a smile at the crowd. He was just imagining each and every one of them sitting there in the dark, stark naked. :)

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:) That's one way to do it...although I wouldn't consider that positive thinking...

I've heard that breathing in for four counts and out for six counts is the best rhythm for relaxing. I try to think about how I love to dance, and every part of the performance that I like. Also I think if you give to the audience and enjoy yourself, they'll give back and enjoy it too. Good luck!

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I also have that problem when it comes to audtions. I try and remember that it wont be the end of the world if i do in fact mess up and just let my feet do the thinking. What I also like to do is go over the dance right before and make sure I know it and get the steps right and after that i try to not worry about it as much. I hope it helps.

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And listen to the music! I forgot, that really helps me. And it'll help you dance more musically.

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I have that problem when it comes to auditions as well. I just try and be by myself so i can focus on what i need to do. Focus on yourself. That may sound self-centered, but it helps you keep your focus on the teacher during class.

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I've had that problem before too. I try to visualize myself doing it RIGHT. I don't let a single thought of "what if I mess up? what if I can't do it? what if I fall?" creep into my mind. Just imagine yourself landing those pirouettes or balancing an arabesque or whatever step is making you nervous. :shrug: I also listen to music to get myself pumped up. Sometimes I even quietly say to myself "I can do it. I'm going to nail this!" It's mind over matter!!! Good luck, you CAN do this! :)


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