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PE + Ballet?

Guest MissBallet

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Guest MissBallet

Hello Dancers and Teachers!

During school, we take a physical education class (PE) everyday. I have heard that it has a bad impact on your ballet life. Is this true?


I would really like to know. And, if it is, how can I do PE without it harming my dance life?


Thanks for the help, all!

-MissBallet (Dani)

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Hi, Dani, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :)


PE can be bad for ballet dancers if the class content is nothing but run, run, run. All too often today, that's what gym is.

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Guest MissBallet

Thank you Mr. Jhonson!


Our PE classes are pretty much shooting baskets and LOTS of running. PE is about an hour long and we have it everyday. Most of the time, we'll be running. I have PE at the end of the day and go straight to ballet after PE. I find out, when I get to ballet, that my knees and feet are sore.




So sorry Mr. Jhonson!

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Dani, check again, I believe that's Mr. Johnson.


If you have serious intentions about pursuing a career in ballet, see what you can do about getting a waiver on PE, at least the running part. Ballet by itself is Physical Education.

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The last 4 or 5 posts have been moved to the hyperlinked thread (see above) on Cross Talk because all but one (and that one was in response to the others) were posted by parents and this is the Young Dancers forum. :)

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I hate P.E. when i herd from an x-ray that i had tendotis i was thrilled. Because, of my tendotis, i didn't have to run and i hate running. I heard it was bad for a dancer and my docter didn't want me running. Yes!

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OOF!! Tendonitis is NOT good at all!! I was out of dance for Achille's Tendonitis for over 8 weeks. It is not fun at all! Regardless, I believe that having some sort of gym class IS necessary for a dancer. For example, "track" built up my calves strong since they were originally weak. But the sport also develops unwanted muscles in ballet. Some sports give dancers strength in different body areas and different positions and steps. Running built up my weak calves, and basketball, to a stretch, could enhance jumps. P.E. each day is an advantage, yet a disavantage.

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