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March Champagne Couch 2006


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I started March off with really high brises- to the left! They are usually hit or miss with me.

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We had Ms. Patricia as a substitute because my normal Ms. Lister is with the company rehearsing for the Ballet Russe show and pre-screening and party this weekend.


Ms. Patricia is a different kind of teacher who is quite hands-on (as in, touches you and puts you into a better placement) and knows just how to push your buttons. She pointed out several things that I do habitually, like looking down when I chasse into arabesque. But she also had good things to say. During our grand battements, she observed me closely (ok, she was standing right beside me) watching how I lift my supporting side and the extension I was getting with my working leg. She caught my extension a la seconde and lifted it higher and then remarked that she was quite impressed with how far I've come since she first laid eyes on me last summer. Very encouraging in that I feel I'm doing something right and pushing in the right directions.


Usually, new teachers frustrate me a bit...so it was a nice change to do fairly well and get encouragement out of it.

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I got a phone call from my eldest son (21) just now. Apparently one of the girls in my ballet class, who is a friend of his from high school, sent him a text message saying that his mom was really good in ballet class...she was really surprised! ha ha....for someone so old, i imagine...


I'm so glad to know that I'm not embarrassing myself or my kiddos...

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I can now consitently do triple pirouttes on my right side (in flats) again :wacko:


I could turn like crazy in high school (turned in- this was drill team, not ballet) I could sometimes get 6 pirouttes, and regularly 4. When I started ballet a year and a half ago I struggled to do a single. The concept of turn out confused me. But now I can do 3! I'm very excited.


I also did good enough piques to the right side (on pointe) to get a compliment from the teacher :P


Now if only I can learn to spot on the left side.


I'm so excited about the triples, but even more about the piques. I love dancing en pointe (and wish I could do as well on my left leg as my right. The strength to releve on just my left foot is just not there- I almost have to bounce to get onto my shoe if I am just using my left leg) and am excited that I can whip across the floor in piques and in chaines. I love to balance in arabesque. Pointe makes suffering through petite allegro and adagio worthwhile to me :)


(edit to add: When I do them outside of combinations! With the connecting steps- the turns often get flubbed)

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I'm usually really bad lately about feeling that I'm improving in anything...but since this thread is turning (pun intended) toward pirouettes, I'll add my two cents.


Last night, I actually pulled off a clean double en dedans to the left on demi pointe (and the teacher actually saw it!). I have been struggling with turns on my left foot for at least six months now, so now I know it's in there ready to appear again at any time... Then, in pointe class, I did three clean consecutive singles from fifth to fifth (ok, this time on the right, but again, my teacher saw it and complimented me!)


I've never been much of a turner, so lately I need to hang on to any little victory I can.

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I pulled a single pirouette en dehor and en dedan on my right leg for the first time since early December. I got halfway around on my left leg before my toe said to me very loudly, "NOPE! This is NOT going to happen yet!"


=) I'm still happy though. I was beginning to think I had lost all ability to turn ever again!

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I feel like my left leg is starting to regain the flexibility I lost when my SI joint got sprained. It took FOREVER to be able to do pied dans la main or to lift it much past 90 degrees without a lot of pain. It's getting a lot looser now.

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Guest sally-mandy

So impressed with everyone's accomplishments...especially the pirouettes.


I'm happy today with something simple: my teacher complimented my frappes, which I don't like and have been a source of discouragement at the barre. Feeling better now.

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After 6 months of not dancing for various reasons (school, back problems, no decent school since I moved), I finally found a new school. It's a 5 minute walk from my home, located in the royal ballet school, with a teacher from the royal ballet school. 3 classes a week, 1.5 hour long, and so cheap. It's everything I wanted to find.


Tomorrow is my first class, now I'll have to see how much of my technique and strength I've kept. Not much I fear.

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Tomorrow is my first class, now I'll have to see how much of my technique and strength I've kept. Not much I fear.

Wow! That sounds wonderful, Marjolein! Enjoy class tomorrow and do let us know how it goes. I know I'm a nosy cow & always want to hear the end of the stories that start here.

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