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,Hi may_may, Usually in August PNB will hold auditions for their year round program. The east side program is actually not bad, they encourage their level 4/5 to attend as a continuation of the year-round program.  The students that end up attending the end Eastside program always Love it so I think attending it is not a bad idea if your daughter is looking for a mild intensive and is looking to be seen by PNB school and faculty.

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On December 9, 2018 at 7:55 AM, may_may said:

  so there is east side summer dance camp too, do you know if that’s good alternative for the summer if we end up in Seattle? They have separate auditions... :( 


When your DD auditions for PNB SI you can let them know that you also want to be considered for the Eastside summer course (not the dance camp, that's for kids under 7) if you will be living in Seattle come summer as there is no housing for that.  At 13 years old, it is not a mild intensive.  It is similar to the Seattle campus.

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Auditions for the summer course in Bellevue is separate from the PNB summer intensive in SEA that was held last weekend.  My DD has grown up in PNB program but there were many kids that joined her class in the past couple of years.  If you arrive during the summer, they would want you to start with the Bellevue summer classes which (as mentioned by another poster) are pretty extensive (ballet technique and prepointe/pointe classes every day) as well as alternating character/modern/jazz classes throughout the week.

Year round students at PNB really enjoy this program and some of the best students participate.  So it is a great entry point to have your daughter exposed to the PNB program and determine if it is the right fit.

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