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Length of classes?


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I was wondering what the "standard" length is of a technique and pointe class? My technique classes are 2 hours in length and pointe classes are anywhere from an hour and a half to an hour and forty-five minutes. In both types of classes our barre is at least one hour long. Are these too long, not long enough, or just about right?




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Those are a little longish, but if you're paying, then you may be getting a good value. Usually, technique classes are 90 minutes, and pointe classes about an hour. The barre for the former usually takes up most or all of half the class, and the barre for the latter about a third, as it is supposed to follow a technique class.

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Personally, I find that a barre that is longer than 45 minutes is really tedious. Even with a longer technique class than an hour and a half, I still don't want the barre to be more than 45 minutes. In pointe classes the length of the barre depends on level. Top level classes need very little barre, lower level classes obviously need more barre. This is assuming that the pointe class follows the technique class.

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Can I add my two cents?


I think the length of pointe class very much should depend on level, and I don't know what level you are. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe most pointe training for children starts out as 15-30 minutes tacked on to the end of every class, multiple times per week. Eventually, they start working in the center en pointe.


I think that's a much more effective way to learn pointe technique than 1-2 hour pointe classes: without having built up a lot of strength and worked out shoe problems already, you risk exhaustion and subsequent injury (or at least lack of benefit) from the longer pointe class as a beginner. I don't think that anything more than 45 minutes is worthwhile for a beginner en pointe.


For general ballet class, if you're very much engaged and in shape, then 2hr is not a problem in my opinion. I study with two teachers, both who give very engaging 1hr barres, and then don't have enough time for center (but they say the barre is more important and given their barres, I'll give them that). They'd both do better, in a sense, with 2hr classes.

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You take the words out of my mouth, davidq. I have pointe class with the beginners and I just cannot imagine that they could work properly on pointe for longer than twenty minutes, at the end of the regular class. I don't have the chance to get a pointe class on my level in my school because it is too small and therefore I am the only one who is advanced on pointe. I can stay longer at the end of the beginngers pointe class and practise my steps. The others can practise things they would like to get better but hardly anyone stays longer.

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Wow, 2 h technique classes + 1,45 h pointe class! I suppose most adults cannot spend so much time in the studio - at least if you have to work until 6pm. Pointe classes in London are only 30min to 1h - though I wish they would be longer sometimes :shrug:

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Sorry, I forgot to clarify...........I'm dancing with pre-pro girls. From what I've gathered they make our barre so long because they really want to make sure that every single part is warmed up; from feet/ankles/legs, to back, to even arms and neck. We then do about a half an hour of Adagio (which has actually turned out to be my favorite) and then around a half an hour of Petite/Grande Allegro; give or take a little on both of those.


After class is over we usually do 30-45 mins. of conditioning exercises. One night will be cardio and abs, the next night will be weights and abs. After the conditioning I duck out, but the girls that make up the company stay for about an hour to an hour and a half of rehearsals (they are staging A Midsummer Night's Dream in April I believe).


Someone mentioned money...........I pay $75 a month for 3 technique classes and one pointe class (I can't make any more due to work), plus all the conditioning. At my old studio I was paying over a hundred a month for one hour and thirty minute technique class and two one hour pointe classes (they only offered one technique class!). And I work 8-5 Monday thru Friday. =)

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