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Emily Coates: ballet, modern and Yale graduate!

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A friend told me about this article and just now I was looking at the other Ballet Talk site and found it was being discussed over there...after reading the article, an interview by Finis Jhung with Ms. Coates, I thought you all really might find it quite interesting: Finis Jhung interviews Ms. Coates Here's the intro:

Meet Emily Coates, who's danced with New York City Ballet, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Twyla Tharp. And, now she's a full time student at Yale!
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Emily Coates is phenomenal. She is doing a performance in April in NYC. She has been one of my son's instructors these past two years. She has graduated from Yale but will continue teaching until the term is over. She is a wonderful teacher, a breathtaking dancer (she was our Louise/Sugar Plum this year) and a warm and caring human being. My son will deeply miss her. Thank you for sharing the article.

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That's a wonderful tribute, dancerdriver :yawn: and please do post the information about her performance. If you post it now on News and Announcements that's fine but just be sure to post again after 30 days because the default on that forum is set to show topics from the last 30 days.


Thank you also for letting me know she has graduated...I'll edit the thread's title now. :gossip:

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Thank-you for posting this! Emily attended PBT in my son's early years - she was a remarkable dancer even then. We connected with her again when she returned to Pittsburgh with the White Oak Project and she was very generous with her time. It is wonderful to see a "home-town" girl do so well.

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