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They briefly mentioned a dance major, but I couldn't find any additional information about the program. Does anyone have any information about dance through the school or in the surrounding area (Manhattan, NYC, I think)? I'm looking for something more ballet-focused.

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Barnard has a dance and ballet program and their program is affiliated with Columbia in that Columbia students can attend, etc., and they are truly right across the street. Scroll up and you'll see the Barnard thread. :yawn:


If you wish to discuss other ballet programs at colleges in NYC try looking through the Higher Education General Discussion forum - I know there's a topic over there that discusses a number of different programs - as a matter of fact here it is: NYC Colleges with Strong Dance Programs :gossip:

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We just visited Columbia. One of the other nice advantages there (don't know if it's true at Barnard too?) is that they do not schedule classes on Friday. They expressed concern that students attending Columbia would be too busy to take advantage of what NYC has to offer, so they encourage all students to go out into the City for internships ("or additional ballet classes," said my DS) to take advantage of all that NYC has to offer.


In addition, Columbia offers a joint degree program with Juilliard. Junior year at Columbia, you can apply to get a joint undergrad degree from Columbia/MFA from Juilliard.

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You might want to check on the joint degree. I believe it only encompasses music majors and not dance. I could be wrong, but I thought that was the only joint option.

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I also was lead to believe it's just for music. Also, I was told they rarely have over 2 students doing the joint major and some years none- it's aparently extremely difficult. Manhattan School of Music has a more common joint degree with columbia, but I don't suppose that helps much with dance.

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My DD attends Columia part time and was granted a nice scholarship. She loves the school, but is not looking for a dance degree. Barnard is the place for dance, I believe, and is the sister university of Columbia. Julliard also has an arrangement by which students can take classes at Columbia if they wish.

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Just to answer a few questions raised in this thread, since I will be attending Columbia next year and taking classes at Barnard for dance:


The joint degree program with Juilliard applies only to music students and does not offer a degree in dance.


Because of Columbia's affiliation with Barnard, students at both schools can easily take classes "across the street" at the other school. Thus, Columbia students can take classes through Barnard's dance department and even earn a degree from these classes. Barnard teachers point out that their classes include Barnard students, Columbia students, majors, minors, etc.


If anyone has any other questions about the Columbia-Barnard relationship or either one of these schools, please feel free to ask and I will try to help!

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First, Congrats on getting into Columbia!!!

Second, I have another question about the Columbia/Barnard dance program: What I am wondering is if Columbia is just as open to dancers applying to their school, or if they would view me as a better "fit" for Barnard. I am interested in both schools, but would Columbia be equally as receptive to dancers as Barnard? I'm not sure if this a question that can easily be answered, but any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks!!!

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Without a doubt, I feel that Columbia is just as receptive to dancers as Barnard is. I don't know if there are any statistics available comparing the number of students taking dance classes from each college, but I do know that the teachers emphasize that there is a good mixture of Columbia and Barnard students in their classes. If one school were significantly more receptive to dance students, the classes would not have this sense of balance between the two colleges.


I think that is is also important to recognize that both schools are looking to create diversity in their freshman classes. This means not only racial and ethnic diversity, but also diversity in terms of talents and interests. Of course, an applicant who is a dedicated ballet student (or modern, jazz, etc.) offers a different perspective that would certainly add diversity to either the Barnard or Columbia campus.


In terms of the best fit, I do not feel that either school would even attempt to judge an applicant based only on an interest in dance. Of course, a dancer could thrive at either Barnard or Columbia, so a multitude of other factors would have to come into play in the admissions process. If you are at all unsure of which campus would be a better fit, you have to broaden your analysis of the two schools to look at the differences in their academic environment, core classes, student body, etc.

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I think it's important to keep in mind that it's much more difficult to be accepted academically at Columbia than at Barnard. However, Barnard is also considered quite selective.


Generally, one must be an excellent student to be accepted at either school.

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I think it's important to keep in mind that it's much more difficult to be accepted academically at Columbia than at Barnard.


This is certainly a good point to make, and I would just like to back it up with some statistics. Columbia College's class of 2011 had an overall acceptance rate of 8.9%, one of the lowest percentages of any American university and the lowest in the Ivy League (Harvard had a slightly higher rate of 9%). To compare the relative selectivity of the two schools, Barnard's acceptance rate was 28%, slightly up from last year's rate of 25.5%.


Of course, both schools are considered highly selective compared to the majority of the nation's colleges and universities. However, Columbia's rate of acceptance is significantly lower, the middle 50% of SAT and ACT scores is higher, etc.


I hope this statistical information puts the competitiveness of Barnard and Columbia in perspective.

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WTMD--I hope you keep us updated on your dance experience at Columbia/Barnard. I would be particularly interested in the quantity and quality of the male dancers in your classes. Good luck and have a great summer!

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Thank you! I will certainly update on my experience in the fall.


I will add that a class that I observed last year had only one or two male dancers in a class of approximately thirty girls! In addition, the course listing includes pointe and variations classes, but no men's classes to my knowledge.

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