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:shrug: My sister always follows in my footsteps and I have been dancing pretty much forever. I was wondering, though, she does ballet twice a week and she likes it, but she doesn't love it. I know she likes being at class, but before she doesn't want to go. I don't know how to be a good big-sister and help her. Any one know how to motivate a younger sister? :huepfen:
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RLM, not everyone really falls in love with something as difficult and demanding as ballet. I don't really think you can motivate her, as ballet is something that has to be self motivated or it just won't work. Just let her find her own way, and she will either get very motivated, or find something else that is better for her. It's possible that she just does not want to try and compete with you!

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I did the same when I was little. I got started in ballet because I saw my sister do it and followed her. I don't think I liked the work at first, but I grew to love it. I agree with Ms. Leigh and think you should let her find her own way. :gossip:

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RLM, if you think your sister doesn't want to go to class, that doesn't mean she won't like ballet later. I remember that when I was little and first started taking ballet, I didn't really like it but now I love it! :gossip:

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How old is she? Like Ms. Leigh said, you can't just make someone fall in love with something. One of my sisters took ballet when she was little and hated it. She started it again when she was 10 and has loved it ever since. If you do want to try to get her into dance a little bit more, you could try getting her to take jazz or tap classes. :shrug:

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