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Spring break trip....


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I'm going on a French exchange trip with my school this March for 2 weeks during our spring break. Ordinarily I would never take that much time off, but I got almost a full scholarship for this trip and it seemed like a once in a lifetime oppurtunity...

Anyways, we're staying in a small french town with host families, going to school with the kids and probably doing some hiking and walking. I'm going to bring my theraband along but I'm really nervous about getting out of shape and getting more nervous as the trip gets closer!

any thoughts?



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Oh! If you are going to be active during this trip (walking, running, stretching) you should be fine! Just be conscious of your muscles! Have fun! :o

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Caroline, it sounds like a great trip, and you will be very busy and active. Don't worry about getting out of shape. Two weeks is not that long. You will be fine. Just enjoy!

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It's only two weeks, not two years. Concentrate on having fun.

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That's very comforting! Thanks! I guess I just get a little too nervous :pinch:

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Hey, it sounds like a really fun trip! With hiking, walking, and therabands at night at least you will still be active. Just stretch before you go to bed, and it really isn't that long at all, enjoy it while you can!

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Thanks! I'm leaving tomorrow :ermm:

I do have one more question...someone told me it takes you twice as long as you take off to get back in shape....is that true?



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