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I need help with Strength


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I am flexible. I have both right and left splits, and my straddle is almost to 180. I have no problem getting my leg "up there" but when it is time to hold my leg a la second I have a problem I can hold my turn out at 90 degrees but when I try to hold it at say 160 degrees it stays for barely a second and then it drops. Is there any way that I could learn to strentghen my inner thigh muscles so that I can not strain to use my quads. I have been working on my core. And I since I have long legs it is extremely hard for my to hold all of them "up there". Thank you in advance.

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Hello dwbdancer, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :pinch:


I saw on your other post that you are only 13. It's great that you have the flexibility, and the strength will come through your classes and through growing up. That is usually the last thing to come, especially for those who are long legged and flexible. Once you stop growing, that should improve quite dramatically. :D

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Hi Ellen, it's Vivi! :) Trust me, your extension and strength is better than mine was at your age. I'm sure as you get older the strength will come. Just keep taking classes!

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Hi Ellen! It's Lindsey. You could try Pilates for core strenth for holding up your leg. Dancers naturally lose turnout as the as the leg goes higher. Have you even seen anyone with 180 a la seconde extension with perfect turnout?

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180º extension in à la seconde would be pure acrobatics, not ballet, therefore rotation is not required. I have seen beautifully turned out extensions to the side, when placed properly, at well over 90º, maybe 140º or so, but not 180º, which would be a straight line from the pointe shoe on the floor or the heel of a leg standing on flat to the tip of the extended toe. That would mean moving the head out of the way! :o Gross and uncalled for in classical work. But, ballet line is about rotation, which makes the line one expects, therefore, à la seconde should be turned out, in my opinion. I would MUCH rather see a beautifully turned out extension than an extreme extension without turnout.

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Thanks. I have been noticing a lot more strength building as I am stopping growing. I'm about 5'7 now so I've about reached my maximum height. Today in class I held my leg out although the position wasn't perfect I still held it at a reasonable height! :wub:

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Guest Idrathrbdancin

Try laying on your side with your knees bent up at a 90 degree angle. Then, make sure you keep hips inline straight up, move your top knee up and down to strengthen your rotator muscles. These are called clams because of what they look like. Also, laying on your side, with your legs stretched out, bend your top leg over your bootom leg, so your top leg's foot is resting right in front of your bottom legs knee. scooch your legs forward so they come out of your body at about a 45 degree angle. (I hope you can understand this!) Then, lift your back leg up up off the floor for the workout and hold it for 10 seconds. Next, do ten pulses. Keep doing this for a couple of minutes. This exercise is for your inner thighs. Hope it helps!!!!!

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