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DVD/Videos: Video dictionary of classical ballet

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I was wondering if anyone has the video dictionary of classical ballet dvd? Is it any good? It says in the description that is shows over 800 variations...Is this to good to be true?

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I don't have this particular product, but be aware that "variation" has one meaning to the non-dancing world, and another to the rest of us. In a simple battement degagé, I'll bet I could wangle five different "variations" in nomenclature.

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I have that DVD and it is awesome!! It has some wonderful dancers (Merrill Ashley, Kevin McKenzie, Georgina Parkinson, and Denise Jackson) demonstrating in real time and slow mo. It also differentiates between Cecchetti, Vaganova, etc., when appropriate. I have found it to be a good resource whenever I am not sure of something and need to see it broken down. Highly recommended! and a good price!


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I looked this DVD up on Amazon and a couple of the reviewers complained about the overall quality...especially the sound. Otherwise it sounds like a fantastic idea.

I would love to know what the ballet steps look like that my

dd talks about. Maybe it is worth it...even with poor sound. :P

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I do have this (for the reason flygirl mentioned).


As I am sure would be no surprise to those who do ballet, it goes on for hours and hours.


Since I have never taken a ballet class in my life, I found trying to watch it overwhelming. It is easier to appreciate the steps once they have been put together in choreography!

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I got a copy from the library and I love it! I think it is very well done and enjoyed it very much. Along with Gretchen Ward Warren's book I think this is an excellent source for showing positions, exercises, etc.

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