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Nerves, need advice


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Good to hear that you had a good time :offtopic:

I think you deserve to put yourself on the Champagne Couch, Wendy-Michelle! :shrug: Fiz. xxx

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Fiz.........I would, but I'm not a full member yet! :D


Just in from night two and it was even better. My little buddy was noticed again and he used her as an example on one of the jumps. She just launches herself in the air with complete abandon and without even knowing it just hits the position. She is fearless. He spent a few minutes with her after class encouraging her. She's only been doing ballet since September so I'm really happy that he took note.


One thing that sort of bothered me was after the barre (again, all my toe could tolerate) I was sitting near him and was his music person. Before beginning one excercise in the center the AAD came up to him and pointed out one girl in particular and told him that she really wanted him to see that girl, that she was getting all of the leads, and was just excellent. Now........I saw this girl dance Clara in the Nutcracker this year and she did a fantastic job. But the reason I joined this company was not because of her. It was because of the quality of ALL their dancers and the quality of the training that is evidenced on stage. After getting into class with these girls... this particular girl is good. She is very, very good. But she also has an attitude. She is the one person in the class that has never spoken to me (all of her friends have) and I have made the effort on my part and been ignored. In my opinion only........there are four other girls who are overall better dancers than this girl. So it irked me that the AAD was trying to focus his attention on this one girl when I feel that there are others there just as good, if not better. He asked about two other girls and the AAD just shrugged and said they were good. They also came from another company after theirs closed down. He also asked about another girl and the AAD told him that she had potential but had a really bad attitude.


Now am I wrong for thinking that whatever decision about someone (or anyone) getting into their summer or residency program should have been his opinion only? And that by trying to focus his attention on the one girl the AAD was really trying to sway his opinion, and then sway it again with her comments about the other three girls? The two girls that came from the other company are two of the four that I think are better than this one girl. The other one I've never really seen an attitude from, but I'm so focused on myself and the teacher that I sort of have tunnel vision in class. But even if she does have a bad attitude I don't think that should cost her a spot at something when she could get there, have a chance, and potentially "see the light," so to speak.


Ok, that was my rant. I also have some good things!


First of all Mr. Martin could not believe I was 29 years old. His mouth literally fell open and he asked me was I born in 77. I told him January 29, he said he was born January 18! :blushing: Then he said the words every 29 year old woman longs to hear............"you absolutely do NOT look 29 years old!" He can tell me that in ten more months and be my best friend for life.


Secondly, after the class he told me I'd done some really good work at the barre. I was just kind of like, "eeeeeeeeeeh," cuz these were my second and third classes back after the toe surgery and I could only do the barre, and was trying to protect my toe as much as possible. He saw my "eeeeh" expression and was like, "c'mon, it was good, you know it was good!" So at that point I sort of grinned at him and he told me to keep it up. Afterwards I'm thinking, "whooooo! I just got a compliment from a Nutmeg guy! If I were still a spring chicken maybe I would've had a shot of getting in somewhere!"


And lastly, I was told after class that I have been cast in our spring performance. This will be the second full-length ballet they are doing this year (since January). I was originally supposed to dance with the full company members and had even started rehearsals with them, but after my toe surgery I just sort of figured I'd be buying a ticket and watching. I won't be dancing with the company members but the highest level of the graded ballet (which I'm short and look 12 so it sort of works out). Not exactly sure what our parts are yet, but we are doing A Midsummer Night's Dream.


It was an overall very pleasant experience and I'm very glad my teachers asked me to participate. Oh, I also had two jokes to pass along from Mr. Martin........


Q - How many ballerinas does it take to screw in a lightbulb?


A - 100. One to screw it in and 99 to stand around and say, "Pssssssssssh!!! I can do that better!"


Apparently one of Mr. Martin's former partners was being rough on him day and he said something to her about her attitude. She is from Russia so imagine this in a thick Russian accent........"Do you know the difference between a prima ballerina and a pit bull?" He said no. She replied with, "Lipstick!" and walked off. :thumbsup:

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The AAD sucks! I know this happens, from info from somebody else I know here. It really stinks. Even if I was the best dancer in a class, I would never behave like the little madam you have described!!! Whoever you are, there is always something else and something different to learn! How can she be so arrogant? Well done to you and the 12 year old!!! I love the jokes - I've never heard a ballet joke before and those two are cracking! Fiz. xxx

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I have to believe that auditioners, have heard it all from ADD's before. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I would think someone with the experience of Mr. Martin, knows whats going on here, and would be fair and take into account everything possible. The world can be a nasty place, our studios arent exempt. (I am very lucky in that respect!) We just have to have faith that the truth will prevail.


As for you, I am so glad that you had a great time and had such great comments! Good for you! And take care of your toe!

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Guest pink tights

Any adult can post on the Champagne Couch!! You don't have to be a full member. Looking forward to hearing about your accomplishments.


Your little buddy will always remember how nice you have been to her, especially during such stressful audition! As a parent I am always thankful when someone is kind to my child. I'm certain your little friend's mother feels the same way.


Best of luck with the performance and with you toe!!

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I sympathize with you, I have related though different issues in the past... As part of my doctoral research, I am taking part in daily ballet classes with conservatoire ballet students. In the first couple of weeks, I felt completely out of place as I am about 10-15 years older than the average student. Not to mention my lack of technique in comparison with these students.


Dear Dance Scholar -- what a fantastic idea....I wish I could have that excuse to take part in daily ballet classes!

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