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Hello, I've not been around for a while, and I got back to 57 pages of unread posts... :wacko:


I've been away from class since November - work's been too busy and I'm doing a master's as well. But things are changing. I'm leaving my advertising job for academia - I'm starting a PhD in the autumn. I'm so excited already!


I'm going to have a bit more time between now and then, so it's back to dancing for me. I've signed myself up for a week's ballet intensive over Easter - so between now and then I have got to get back to class or I will just seize up and collapse.


I'm going to go back to ballet on Thursday. I'm a bit worried about this as I've put on a bit of weight (what with all this sitting around working and studying) and I don't even think I could touch my toes any more! I am going to go for it, but I just had to post and tell you all about my worries. I know you will understand!

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Welcome back, Kate I had wondered where you had got too. Looks like you been very busy. Enjoy your first class back.



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Wow, good to hear. What will you be studying?

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Hello Kate, good luck on Thursday, then with the Easter intensive, and then the PhD programme! It will feel great to get back to class, I'm sure. Keep everyone posted about how it goes.

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Wow, fantastic, Kate. Where and what is your PhD ? There are lots of dancing doctors on this board as Ami will tell you, so do keep us up to date with things, both ballet & study (ho ho - I"m just nosy!!).


And your feedback on The Place Easter intensive from last year has really tempted me, so I'm tossing up ditching writing my Department's RAE submission (you will find out what this means sooner than you really need to!!!) and coming to London to dance. Enjoy class on THursday and now you're back, keep us posted!


Now we just have to hear from Beckster to get all the news from 'Auld Lang Syne.'

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Hello everyone.


I'm doing a PhD in History, Dance Scholar. Hopefully it will be in London if I get some funding, otherwise I might go up to Edinburgh.


Redbookish, if you do decide to go to the Place, please feel free to PM me, as that's what I'm doing. We could have lunch or something. :shrug:


I'm not going to be able to get to class this week, so it looks like it will be next week before I'm dancing again. However, I have my gym kit with me and am going to get some fitness in between now and then. I will keep you posted. :thumbsup:

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How have your ballet classes been going? Hopefully you've been enjoying yourself!


I'm in a position similar to the one you were in back in March, except I am coming back from an injury- a badly sprained ankle + synovitis + metarsal sprain- that has kept me away from the studio since the beginning of March. I am also worried about my weight as spending all day with my head in my books for 2.5 months hasn't done a great deal of good for my thighs and rear! How did you get over your fears about going back? Was everything ok? I am returning to classes tonight and I'm panicked!



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Kate, good luck with your PhD program!


Grace, how was your class? Class is a little scary after coming back from an injury.


Well, I'm finished with final exams and I passed all of my classes! I'm in nursing school and we have to make at least a C to progress forward. Its a miracle-our whole class passed, we didn't have anyone fail! Usually we lose 1-10 people each semester. Our grade scale is different from the rest of the college too, we're special :flowers: , we have to make a 93-100 for A, B: 85-92, C: 77-84. Its so frustrating to make an 84 which I have done twice now. But I'm passing so really I'm not complaining. I wish they would just put us back on a 10 point grade scale and make us have to make B's to progress forward. That would be better than making 84's and they only count as a C. I worry that I've made too many C's (I've made several) and won't be able to get into graduate school if I ever wanted to go for Nurse Practitioner or just to get my masters in nursing. :P I don't try to plan out the future too much, no not at all! :wub:


And, I'm still waiting to hear from Ballet Memphis re: trainee. Not holding my breath on that one! :party:

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Hello Kate - lovely to hear from you again! And brilliant news about your PhD - how exciting. Best wishes and good luck with all the changes. And hope you're enjoying being back at ballet!

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