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I was wondering if anyone here did Figure (well really Freestyle) skating?


I am starting lessons in April (YAY! I haven't been on ice in almost 8 years!) and although everything in the first class is stuff I once knew how to do, I am looking forward to seeing if I still no how to do it. (The rink doesn't have a placement class but requires you to pass through each level, or to provide up to date certifications to show that you have passed the levels [which makes me think that having done this level as an 8 year old will not suffice])


Anyway, my question is- do you know of any boards like this one dedicated to skating?

Do you know of any sites like the ABT ballet dictionary that will show either good pictures of videos of both basic and advanced moves?


Thanks for your help. I am SO excited about starting skating again.

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Two of the better sites are: www.frogsonice.com & www.unseenskaters.com/board/ (moderated & does not tolerate 'flames' :wacko:

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I don't post much here, but I have been skating since I was 7, so maybe I can help a bit. :wacko:


Unfortunately, as far as I know the answer to both your questions is no. I am so envious of the resources this board provides for dancers, it would be great to have something like it for skating, but there's just not. There is a section of the board dedicated to people who actually skate on most of the major skating forums, like Figure Skating Universe and GoldenSkate. They're a little anemic, but any question you have will generally get answered. :thumbsup:Don Korte's site has a section dedicated to diagramming the basic edges, turns, jumps and spins. Some of the jumps and spins have videos or pictures for visual aid, but not all.


I don't have PM privileges yet, but if you have any other questions, I'd be happy to answer. :P As far as the lessons go, it seems a little strange to me that they won't let you sign up for the level you left off at, but even at rinks with a strict "policy" like yours has, if you're obviously already able to do all the skills at the beginning level, they'll usually move you up. On the other hand, eight years off the ice is a long time, and a little review never did anyone any harm! :)

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Thank you both for the suggestions.


The class I signed up for is a half hour, once a week- with an open session immediatly following (unfortnately this rink doesn't waive the session fee for lesson skaters who just finished a lesson, like the one I used to skate at)


It says it will cover forward and backward skating, stopping forward, gliding on one foot, and forward and backward swizzles.


These are all things I know used to know how to do, but now that I'm thinking about it, I don't remember how to stop :wacko: I don't think a review is ever a bad thing, so unless it is extremely rudimentary- I would probably be placed at this or possibly the next level up if doing a placement class anyway.


I'm just so sad I have to wait until April to start. Oh well, rehearsals for La Boutique Fantastic start this weekend and it will be my first time performing on pointe, so that will be something to keep my attention until skating starts.


I need to go get my blades sharpened- assuming they haven't rusted off since I last used them :P I know the boots still fit.

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