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DVD/Videos: Graduation Ball

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I think I've exhausted my options in searching here and through Google... (I tried the Ballet Talk board, but cannot register there and perform the search, due to the recent software problems).


I'm looking for a video of Graduation Ball. Can anyone direct me to a resource?? Thanks!


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Hello Kacy. I hope the moderators will forgive my posting here as I am neither parent nor student.


As far as I know there is no commercially available film of Graduation Ball. There are a few available for viewing on site at the New York Public Library at Lincoln Center including a very good one of London Festival Ballet from around 1981, but none that you can buy that I am aware of.

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Have you tried googling to see reference of amateur companies performing it? Then you could contact the company and see if they have a tape of the performance available.


Unless you only want a professional performance.


I mention this because our studio's affiliated company performed this last fall and will again late spring. They often sell tapes of their performances. You can PM me if you are interested in contact information. I am not affiliated with the company but can give you the AD's information.

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I realize this an older thread, but just incase anyone else is still looking...


If you are in Australia, the original Ballets Russe 1940 version is available for viewing through the National Film and Sound Archives. There is also the later 1989 version which is the AB restaging.


They are not available for purchase or take home hire, but you can request an access viewing through the NFSA, but take your pen and paper and be prepared to make LOTS of notes! I have accessed and viewed the original Ballets Russe version, and it is beautiful to see this incredibly company completely unedited, but I warn you - it is not at all like watching a normal ballet DVD. It has no sound, and due to the older nature of the film it is at the sort of "old fashioned" sped-up pace.


I have not viewed the 1989 version but I would assume it is more likely to be normal speed and with sound. I think I might just go request some access now....


This is the search link where you can request access: (Australian Residents only)



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Thank you for posting about this, Miss Persistent, and Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers!!!!


We have quite a few Aussies here, and I thank you on their behalf. Now I'm just jealous and may have to plan for a trip 'down under' some day!!! :firedevil:

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Now I'm just jealous and may have to plan for a trip 'down under' some day!!! :D


Ahhhhh Clara 76 - You have no idea what you're missing till you get here! :) we love our ballet down here - where else can you continuously Grand Jete down spotless beaches in the sunshine without a care in the world!


Ok now im just playing into the Aussie stereotype ;) but we really do have some good ballet training in Aus, and you're always welcome to come and visit

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AW!!!!! Thanks! Actually, that's one of those dream vacations for me. Ever since Steve Irwin.......

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Grad Ball is just one of a whole range of beautiful ballets that have never been put onto commercial videos. There are several from the Royal Ballet that I remember seeing televised many years ago and I have no idea why they were not saved later on for public enjoyment. Presumably they were on reel to reel recordings and perhaps deteriorated too badly. I recall seeing The Two Pigeons, Pineapple Poll, Enigma Variations and Les Patineurs among others on our black and white TV. These are all gems of ballets and it's so sad that they are pretty much lost to us, unless the Royal Ballet revives them. I think BRB revived Two Pigeons fairly recently.

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Great news! I've been granted access to view the 1989 version of the AB's staging of Graduation Ball. I am heading in on Saturday armed with pen and paper (Oh if only I had taken that Benesh course!) and am willing to check any quick repertoire queries anyone might have.


By quick I mean things like - "are her arms in 5th or arabesque on that", "are there four or five of those" or" does this variation come before or after that one"? Rather than a detailed explanation of the entire 40 minutes.. (Sorry! I'm only human!) I will try and take lots of notes anyway, but short of illegally video taping the whole thing James Bond style through a camera in a briefcase while trying to avoid the Librarian looking over my shoulder.... You get the idea... :wink:

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I just found this copy of The London Festival Ballet's 1981 version of Graduation Ball on Youtube. Alas, it is missing about 2 minutes in the middle at the end of the Headmaster/Headmistress pas de deux and the beginning of the Finale, but pretty much the rest is all there.


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