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My sister and I are very close to our ballet techer because we spend a lot of time at the studio. We heard from her today that she may not be allowed to teach anymore because she throws fits. She does not, or if she does it's only when prevoct by the directors. She is being reprimanded because of this and she can't come back unless she says she will change. I know she won't. My mom works at the studio and says we need to be prepared to leave if our teacher can't come back. Her and another teacher are very good friends and the other teacher would leave if she did. SO will a number of thier students. That means no recital and no ballet till I can get into an intensive. I love my teacher but I love to dance. HELP!

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Your mother is right. Be prepared to leave. Where to go, I don't know, but certainly there must be schools that have decent training in your area; be prepared to go to them as a bail-out position. The problem presented here is far too involved in the realm of personal relations for us to be able to counsel anything else.

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