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Ms. Leigh - Thank you


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I just wanted to thank you for the advice you gave someone else on how to place yourself in first position to get your "real" turnout. I've done this all week long and my inner thighs and right below my bum are feeling the difference! I assume these newly re-discovered muscles are now being used correctly and that's why I'm having some soreness? (What I wouldn't give for a hot tub right now!)


I also wanted to thank you for the advice on wearing the standard black leo, pink tights, and skirt for the master class. Monday night he commented, "Do you guys have a dress code?!" I thought he was sort of making fun of us because some of us had on leg warmers or shirts for the first few barre exercises (they quickly came off though). Our AD told us tonight that he was awed with the whole studio looking like they should (black leos, non-ripped pink tights, canvas slippers, hair in bun, no jewelry, no gum, etc). He told her he goes all over the country holding auditions and everywhere he goes the kids have their tights rolled up to their ankles and long dangling earrings. He said they even have the tights problem at their school but they can't do anything about because one of the teachers teaches like that! So he was extremely impressed by our appearace at least!




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Glad to help, Wendy, and also happy to hear that the Master Class was a positive experience! :)

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