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License plate suggestions


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I'm thinking about getting a personalized license plate relating to ballet. I only have 7 letters to use. Any suggestions?

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Hi! I just ordered my plates and just waiting for them to arrive. I chose two numbers, and DANCE. Ballet was unavailable, propably because it has an additional letter in it. Try a combo of numbers and letters.

Here in California we're able to do this online to see what has already been selected and then able to modify our choices.


Good Luck!

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Guest marathongirl

WendyMichelle, definintely go on the Virginia DMV webiste, like TinyDancer said - you can try out all plate variations and see what works and isn't taken. (And different plates have different max numbers - I think 7 is the max though, for the standard 400 aniv plate now). But definintley try the word with numbers before or after or your initials with a space, or replace letters with similar numbers (like 1 for an L might work in Ba11et if Ballet isn't available). (Was intrigued with what was available, VA being the land of personlized plates it seems, and for example, Ballet2 is available)

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:) sorry i couldn't resist, and i have a really wierd sense of humour lately....

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How about...


In First

In Fifth


(or En First, En Fifth)


Also, what if your favorite ballet move or pose? Something like that would be cool.


Luv Jete

No Passe...LOL :D

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DANSER (French verb "to dance")



That's cool...but I don't think it is specific enough. For all anyone else knows, she could skillfully be working a pole at the local gentleman's club. ;)

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:ermm: @ Temptress!!! That was a good one. All the regular ones like Ballet, Pointe, Dancer, Danseur are taken. What I came up with that are available:


tutu fun

pasd cha

lv2 jete

plie 4me


I'll check some of the other suggestions too!


Other available ones:










en coupe

en passe



What would you guys choose?

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My husband suggests:








Depending on whether your car is an SUV or a Mini, you could have SOUS SUS or SUS SOUS...


There's also





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I'd avoid Fondu...:wink: They'll think you either a) like to eat out a lot or B) are a chef. :D

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Good point! And if read quickly pasd cha could be mistaken for passed'cha and lv2 jete as love to jet.

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Guest star_reacher

I hope that you find the perfect licence plate sign. Here are a few cut little ideas for you!!










dancaro (like danca......roo)

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