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Just a question about two different Summer Intensives: Boston and the


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Hi everyone,


I know that both Boston SDP and the Rock intensive are both very good schools with good summer programs but I have a question for those of you that have attended. How did you like the one you attended? Did you feel like you improved? I would like to hear about your experiences there and how you benefitted from the school. I realize that there is a SI board but as I look through them my question doen't seem to be answered. I am sorry if I posted this on the wrong board. Any answers would be greatly appreciated and I would benefit from them tremendously. Thank you :wacko:

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DewDrop, there are topics on the SI forum about both of these schools, and all of your questions should be answered there! We cannot answer about the schools here on YD. Go to the SI forum about 2005, and look for the schools, listed in alphabetical order.

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