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floor barre


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we have floor barre on mondays (and starting this week thursdays too) and i don't know if it's just the floor, but when i do crunches it hurts my back....right where my leotard ends (right above lower back, around my waistline). i am kinda boney, and i can feel my spine on the ground and it hurts so bad, last monday it even started hurting while i was jsut lying on the ground and pulling one leg toward my chest. the floor is marley and we don't use mats or anything. i do crunches every night at home and it only hurts when it feels like theres a black and blue mark on my back, but otherwise it's fine. i was always told to make sure your entire back was on the ground with no spaces during crunches, is this wrong?


sorry this was kinda lengthy, i have a tendency to go into detail.


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I would suggest taking an exercise mat to use for these classes, dance7.

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