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DD just got an interesting brochure from Stephens. They offer a 3 year, 2 summer BFA in dance, "balanced" curriculum. Stephens is a women's college but men are admitted into the Performing Arts School.


Does anyone have any info on this school? Thanks.

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I have no information about the BFA program, but STephens is a well respected small, private college. I used to live in Columbia and know of the schools fine reputation. I also know several who are grads. I believe we have one who is a poster here on BT. Perhaps others can share some insights about the school and this program in particular. Cedar Lakes Ensemble II is also located in Columbia. I wonder if they have any affiliation?

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Thanks, balletbooster! The school seems really wonderful with a strong financial aid program, too. The dorms sound fabulous. And they encourage performing arts majors to double major, according to the brochure. They also say they've produced pro dancers.


Anybody else out there???

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I have talked to the head of the dance dept. at Stephens and she is very nice and informative, you really should give her a call. She splits her time between NYC and Columbia as she is doing some choreography work. Call admissions and they will connect you or go to their web site and send her an e-mail. I can't put my hands on my notes right now but it sounds like they have a very good program. I believe she said one must audition to be accepted to the dance dept. This has not always been the case in past years so their program is getting stronger. I do not believe they have a relationship with Cedar Lakes Ensemble as there isn't enough time. (Wish I could find my notes!)


Stephens also offers a Summer Intensive which would give your dancer a good feel for how the teaching is and what the campus is like. It is true that you can double major and finish in three years. One of the advantages to attending a small college is that they really get to know you want to see the students succeed and graduate! The campus is beautiful and MU is right down the street. There are many opportunities to attend MU functions so I wouldn't let the "all women" scare you away.

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Just got a long, informative email from the director of the dance program. Yes, this is a balanced program (ballet, modern, jazz, tap) and they HAVE produced professional dancers, some in regional ballet companies! They are getting a new ballet instructor, who has an impressive resume that includes Broadway Dance Center and can teach the RAD syllabus. (I have her name, not sure if I can post it, so . . .) The director of the program has a wonderfully impressive resume herself, which includes dancing on Broadway as well as with modern companies.


Stephens is a women's college. Men are accepted as apprentices in the Performing Arts Department, so all of you with DS's who are looking for a balanced program, check this out, too! The BFA is a 3 year, 2 summer program. Summers are spent in the summer intensive on campus. The director of the department said that students can expect to be exposed to about 16 guest dance faculty over their 3 years there. Plus, even with 2 summer sessions, the 3 year BFA is cost effective. And they have great academic merit scholarships available, too.

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My studio takes the particularly serious students to New York for a week every few years and although next year will be my first time going, my Artistic Director was saying how that they've taken class with the lady who will be the new instructor in the dance program at Stevens College and she's supposed to come teach a master class for us sometime in the late summer. My Artistic Director seemed really impressed with her though and was encouraging some of us to look into Stevens College when we are older.

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Gentle Reminder:


BT requires that only first-hand information and/or experiences be reported or contributed to these threads. Third-party information, thoughts, opinions are merely hearsay and are neither helpful nor useful. :wink:

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Some very nice scholarships available at Stephens, DD just got another brochure. Also, the brochure stresses that instructors are or have been, for the most part, working dance professionals.

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stephens seems to have a great preforming arts program all together! i was brought to the attention of stephens by being told that it has one of the top theatre programs. i was also very glad to hear that the dance department was really good. this is my 2nd choice under indiana uni. the only reason that holds me back is no minor in french and their study abroad programs. but i think anyone who love preforming would love this school even though it's all womens.

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I have a friend in the dance program and she loves it. I know one of the ballet teachers there and she is excellent. This year, Stephens brought in Peter Pawlyshyn for a semester. They will more than likely be trying to bring him back in the near future. I find it unfortunate that Stephens doesn't partner with Missouri Contemporary Ballet.

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