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the ME question-is college dance too much of a reach?


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i really want to dance. my life revolves around it. trouble is, i'm not that good. i'm sure most have you have read my recent posts but if not, ill give another carrie history

a) started dance (ballet) at age 13, am now fifteen and in junior year-looking at colleges. do about eight hours of ballet a week--not as advanced as i'd like to be, definitly not prepro intermediate

:ermm: not the perfect ballet body at all -- i'm rather big (not huge, but quite a bit bigger than ideal) in the hip and thigh department which is a genetic thing. i don't exactly have the longest legs, but as far as i know i'm realtively porportional. i have a chest but there ain't a lot of it. (sorry if this much detail isn't necessary. im just trying to get it all out there) that said about my body, i've always been flexible, even before i started to dance, and everyone tells me i have good feet, though they're not amazing. and i'm also hyperextended in the elbows and knees which has given me loads of trouble with proper placement but for some reason people seem to think it's not a bad thing.


okay so i'm looking at colleges and i know that there's no way that you guys, never having seen me dance or even seen me for that matter or taken class with me can give me an evaluation. i'm hoping that you can tell me whether or not it is reasonalbe to look into getting a degree in dance with a focus in ballet (at least thats how i'm looking at it now, i've never even taken a modern class so i don't see doing anything with modern as much of an option especially since i don't even know whether or not i'd like it) by degree i am thinking minor or major. i don't know what other degrees you can get but thats what i mean. fordham university is my favorite to look at so far, but columbia/barnard is not far behind (i have relatively strong academics)


do you guys, without knowing or having seen me, think this is too much of a reach for a late starter with my history? i am looking for opinions here. one no is not going to send me off this train of thought, nor will one yes bind me to it. i really want to know what you think.


if this is an unreasonable thing to ask moderaters, please remove it.


thanks ever so much




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*not quite sure how that smilie got there and can't remove it....sorry*

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I think that if you really love to dance, then you should try to get a dance major, but possibly, go to a school where you can get another degree in something else, just so you have a large area of possibility. I don't know of any schools except one. Rider University has a dance program where the students who are dance majorsare in affiliation at my school, so the students come to our studios and train with the pre-professional company. That is one possibilty, another, would be to go to a school without a dance department, (so you can't get a major) but you can still take ballet classes. I'm sorry I can't help you more.

Good luck :ermm:


(If you have are interested in Rider you can PM me, but I don't know anything abou the school, just the dance program.)

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americanlostinUK have you searched through the college threads here at BT4D? There is a lot of very important and helpful information there. As for obtaining a degree in dance, I would suggest speaking with your parents, your ballet teacher and an academic advisor. Together they may be able to give you insight as to what may be best for you.


You do have many options and avenues to explore. It is a difficult decision to make but you will never know unless you explore. There are many University programs that offer very strong academics and ballet. Do not give up if ballet is what you want.

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Since you are still only 15, I think you have some time on your side. Even if you graduate from high school, you are still really young and have time to continue studying ballet for at least two more years before auditioning for college programs. By then, you might achieve a much more advanced level as a dancer. I think you might consider just studying dance until you are at least 18, and then start looking at college programs.

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thanks for your replies everyone. i just wanted to make absolutely sure that those college dance programs (the less competitve ones) aren't only for people who have way more technical ability than i will have going into college. Ms. Leigh, i LOVE your idea, but the parentals, not so thrilled about it. They would prefer to put me straight into college after finishing high school and i think that if i try to resist that i'd be fighting a losing battle and might end up coming out with an answer of 'if you want to go all or nothing than you get nothing' so better to make them happy so they continue paying for ballet classes


thanks for the answers guys


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okay, this is sort of another topic but i don't want to start a whole new post so, what do you think i should do about college dance programs? i don't want to eliminate tons of colleges that i'd be happy at just because they don't have a good dance program if there's good training to be had outside of the school. do i need to take that case by case? or just assume the ones in major cities have good ballet schools nearby (boston, chicago, washington dc, etc)? anyone with experience on this?


thanks tons, i don't know what i would do without this website!

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Both options are good ones. It is a personal decision for you and your family. pick a few cities where you have an interest to live. Search the various websites of the colleges and ballet schools. See what their programs have to offer. Outside of taking adult classes, it may be difficult to actually attend a professional ballet program while attending college full time this is why some opt to study ballet and dance related courses in a college. Indiana University has very high academic standards and a very established ballet program. I also know quite a few students who have attended the Barnard program. University of Utah is another. The list is endless. Please search through the threads related to this subject


My Webpage


You seem to be having difficulty making this decision and it is a difficult one, but it is one for you and your family. Not one to be made by people you do not know. You will know in your heart when a decision is right for you.

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i just wanted to hear what others have experienced and the choices they made based on those experience. i don't intend for someone to come up with the answer for me, though i definitly see how what i've written could be read that way. thanks

carrie :dry: i don't want to sound mean, this sounds mean. don't take it meanly

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americanlostinUK you do not sound mean and my words were not meant to be mean, just true. There really is no one answer to your question. You are doing very good research. Talk with your parents, your ballet teacher, your academic teachers. They all know you. They will be able to give you a perspective that is geered toward you. :innocent:

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