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new leotards!


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hi everyone,

I'm in the market for some new leos and I have my eye on a few. Have any of you worn the Gaynor Minden "Gala" leotard, Natalie N8202, or Bloch L5415? In general what did you think of the fit, how comfortable is it, and is it flattering?

thannks so much for your help!!

Leigh :cool2:


bloch leo--- http://www.discountdance.com/frame_set.php...age_LEO_p1.html


natalie ---- http://www.discountdance.com/frame_set.php...age_LEO_p1.html


gaynor minden ---- http://www.allaboutdance.com/s.nl/sc.2/cat...t.A/id.17882/.f

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:cool2: The only one you listed that I have is the Bloch tank leotard in Royal Blue and I love it sooo much!!!!! I would definately get a couple more. It's really supportive and extremly comfortable. Just one thing, the fabric tends to be a little higher under the arm area so might get a tad wet from sweat. Plus the v-neck is very nice, not too low , and not too high. And it's at a great price! If I were you, I would get it.
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i don't wear any of them at the moment, but i found that with a long body the bloch one didn't really fit very well, to get the right length it was too wide and the straps slid off in things like circular port de bras (sp?), other people in my class wear them though, and they look nice on them, it just depends on your body type. i think the GM on looks really nice though, it's simple but it looks like it would be flattering.

luv belle

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If you click here you can find some really interesting new styles. They are all brand new for Spring!


New Adult Leotards


I really like the new Capezio styles, and there are some fun ones from Danskin and Body Wrappers.



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I don't know those, but the new Bloch short-sleeve llycra-cotton is great, and so are the new Capezio lycra cami's!

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