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Just wanted to let everyone know that we got our Amazon Banner, and if you are thinking of buying something, please use our Amazon link to do so. We get a tiny cut of the sale, which goes to help defray the huge cost of keeping this board up & running.

Many thanks in advance.

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So, okie dokie, Clara

Now that the Amazon banner is blazing, could you give a novice ballet parent the title of a great book that is instructive, in a general nature, in the art--different styles, methods of teaching, appreciating the art form, history etc.? (Keep in mind this parent is totally "uneducated" in the area of dance.

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A very good one is 'Classical Ballet Technique' by Gretchen Ward Warren. It will have most of the answers you are seeking!


Also, click on this link to a previous discussion on this very same subject!

Dance Books

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This sounds like a bit of an odd question... but where exactly is the banner? ...I must be having a bit of an off day. :)


I'm asking because I normally buy most everything off of Amazon, and I would love to help in any way possible. :thumbsup:

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It used to be a banner. Now it is a little square at the top left of your page just to the right of INVISION - it is black and white and orange, all over. :)

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:) Thank you!
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Thank you, pinktights :) Everytime someone goes to Amazon via our link, and buys something, we get a little percentage, which helps pay the fees for the board. It makes the amount that we have to get during the fund drive, in September, a little less. :blink:

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