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Boy's At Harid


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Wondering if there is anyone here that has experience with Harid. I haven't been able to get a feel for the boys' feedback in the threads. Thankyou in advance.

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My son loved Harid. Still does. I know he didn't post on the feedback forum, but he had a great experience. I did post my thoughts. Good luck to you, whereever you go.

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My son had three wonderful years at Harid. There are usually about eight to twleve boys, depending on the year. They get lots of performance experience. The male teacher who works with the men is fantastic, very knowledgeable and personable. He really supports the boys.

The only drawback is there is only one men's level, so they often work at the lowest denominator. By this I mean that as new boys come into the program, the teacher tends to start at the bottom again, and the boys who have been there several years get bored. But he attempts to work with these boys.

In short, its a great program and intense dance atmosphere, only for the serious dancer.

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Vision, I just reread the thread and sure enough there was your feedback! Thankyou.


Millie, I am pretty sure that this gentleman was the one who did DS audition this year. Very nice and seemed genuine. Now that he is getting older and has experienced different avenues, making these decisions is, at least in the beginning, soley off of others' opinions. DS has participated in both strict and lax environments. He prefers the former of the two when it comes to ballet itself, but it is a strange contrast to his approach to everyday things. Hope it's an OK match!

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Hey everyone,


I am currently a male student at HARID. It is really a great program. The men's teacher (Mr. Pardina) is excellent. It is a very strict envirment to live in, but everyone gets along. I would strongly recomend it. It is most fun during the summer. (dance 9-5, no academic school, tons of people)


Hope it helps,

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Harid has had great success with male dancers. Marcelo Gomes, Bo Busby, Gledson Soares (sorry dont know the spelling). I have had male students attend there for the summer and the training was excellent. It would be a top choice for a male for female dancer for my students. :D

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Thankyou all! I find with all this feedback that Harid might be a good fit, and having this resource helps contribute to our desicion making. I can see that it definately takes a certain personality to mesh with the rigors of this program. May not be for some, but will for others.

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