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grand jete

Guest Megan Leigh

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When I was learning how properly to do grand jeté, I took something from Bournonville, and concentrated on the concept that everything has a beginning, a middle and an end, which flow seamlessly, one to the other. The grand jeté begins with a grand battement, really a swing into quatrieme devant in effacé or croisé, then a vigorous jump forward from the supporting foot, which then swings upward to help complete the picture of the jeté in the air. The landing is just as important, being the leading leg coming to the ground, but the forward motion of the jeté maintained so that a further step may follow.

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I tried for years and years to get a high grand jete-and it didn't happen. I met two different male teachers at summer programs. I had trained primarily with females until then. Somehow, like Mr Johnson, they were able to tell me some very step-by-step practical ways of 'thinking through' a grande jete-and voila! mine got way better. One year ago everyone said i was a stong lyrical allegro type ballet dance, but now I'm flying through the air. I had to think about it and also get my muscles and dance level stronger. Hope that helps!

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Guest tropicagogo
I’m having trouble getting enough height when doing a grand jete…is there something I’m doing wrong? :D

Plie and push off the ground more. Brush your grande Battement powerful

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Hello tropicagogo, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :D


Perhaps you would like to introduce yourself on the Welcome forum, and tell us a bit more about your life in ballet. I notice that you are a teacher, and we are always very happy to have new teacher members!


The Young Dancers forums are limited to the students and the three teacher moderators, though. This is because if we had all the teachers giving advice, it could get very, very confusing. :thumbsup: There is a Teachers forum too, just in case you have not seen that yet. :D

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