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She is in!!!!

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Hello. Just 2 days ago I posted that we were going through that nail biting period :sweating: of waiting to hear from schools. Well we just received a most beautiful letter from Walnut Hill accepting our daughter to their year round program :flowers: . She is catatonic... :blink: still! and well, we are all very proud. But now that all the excitement and thrill is weaning down on our part, my heart is aching. I am going to miss her so. We are extremely close and have shared so much, especially through dancing. Picking her up at practice, the competitions, everything. But this, to her, is such an achievement and plus it is the opportunity she wanted to really go to another level... we are so proud. But as dad said. Come this fall, Walnut Hill may drown in my tears. But we are happy, so happy for her! :)

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Congratulations to your daughter upon her acceptance! :flowers::blink::)


I know this has been weighing on you all since you first visited the school. joyofaleap, there are many who will read your post and relate to your mixture of elation with that bittersweet pang that you're feeling. :sweating:

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Congratulations! I know how you feel. When my daughter left to attend a pre-pro school last fall, I was so excited and happy for her. It seemed like for years things would never fall into place for it to happen. Then came the days when it was hard to walk by her room without the tears! Both of you will have good days and bad days, but mostly you will feel so happy that something she's worked so hard for has finally happened. Enjoy your news - I'm glad your waiting is over!

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Joyofaleap...Congratulations...what wonderful news! I can hear the excitement in your post and needed to add my sincere best wishes to your daughter and for her future at Walnut Hill.


I can certainly understand the tears! When I get abit depressed and missing my son not being here I only think of what wonderful opportunities he has had and will have now and in future years. You can expect lots of phone calls (although not enough for us moms!) and look forward to many happy conversations with her about all she's experiencing in her new life. A time of change for sure but a truely wonderful time in both your lives!

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Thank you all for your wonderful words. We just had breakfast and she still can't believe it. Wow.

I know we sound like she's been nominated for an Oscar. But for a kid from a little country like ours who has loved ballet and worked so hard all her young life...this is pretty big!

Blessings to all of you!

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Congratulations ot you and your daughter. I have been following your posts and your anxiety and now I feel I can share a little of your joy also. ON the board here, I am sure I speak of others, we are all proud of you both.

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Bittersweet is the perfect word for the times that are ahead for you and your family. Thus, congratulations and condolenses! I, too, know the estastic feelings of happiness, the daily worry, and the profound feelings of loss. My son has been gone since age twelve. It has been very hard. It has also been more than worth it. Your daughter sounds as if she wants this as much as my son did. He loved it from the beginning. He loves it still. He will look back at it with joy. That's not quite my experience, but I wouldn't change a thing. Over the years I've told myself this: Remember the day of the birth. Remember the sincere prayers. I prayed for health and happiness. Didn't we all? The child is well and extremely happy. Isn't this what you prayed for? We don't always get to define happiness. As loving parents, we'd likely sacrifice anything for our children. Sometimes it means letting them go much earlier than we thought. I keep the pursuit of his happiness in mind when I'm feeling low. Bottom line, what he wants (because he's worked so hard in such a dedicated way against seemingly impossible odds) is thus what I want--no matter how hard. Remember the prayers on the day of her birth, smile and be proud, you've done a terrific job! Congratulations again. Keep the boards posted and remember there are people with whom to share your pains and joys!

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Congratulations! Our daughter moved away this year and it was/is hard for me. But every time we speak I hear how happy she is and that is what makes is bearable. She is pursuing her dream with every ounce of her being and whatever the final outcome, if we hadn't "let her go" I know we would have regretted it. All the best! (and yes, if you find yourself tearing up over the strangest littlest things - it's normal - well it seemed the norm for me!)

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Knock, knock please delete if unappropriate.


From the view point of the child, thank you for letting your daughter have this opportunity. My parents never took me seriously when I talked to them about boarding school and I still love dance now, even at age 24, and being a ballet or modern dancer is my dream, still! I was always told in high school that I didn't have the right body and wouldn't make it. I auditioned for a trainee spot with a regional company last week and got a maybe, they will tell me in April. Well, a "maybe" left me ecstatic! :D:D:D Even if I never make it into a company I now know that I had enough technique and talent to at least be considered!


So congrats, to you, for letting your daughter follow her dream. :) Otherwise she might do as I have and spend 7 years in college earning degrees but not feeling fulfilled and still wanting to be a ballet dancer at the end of it.


I am also quite impressed with Walnut Hill. I think its great that they have water aerobics classes or some such exercise (not sure if its called that). My friend auditioned there for the summer, fell during the audition, and was still offered a merit scholarship. I hope your daughter has a wonderful time at Walnut Hill and I'm sure she will! I hope you won't miss her too much either, maybe she can find a job dancing closer to home later on. :thumbsup:

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Congratulations! Our dd is planning a move to residency in the fall as well. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions on my part. While I am happy for her it seems so difficult to let them go. A good and wise friend who has been down this path with her ds said this is the most unselfish thing I will ever do. I am just trying to be worthy so dd can leave with a happy heart. We are trying to decide between two wonderful programs and hope the visit will provide the aha moment I need. I guess I am just hoping we will arrive and know this is it...she fits best here. Thankfully, she has a choice and we can decide what is best for her and our family.


And yes, I'm tearing up all the time over the silliest things.

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Congradulations to your daughter! I currently attend the Walnut Hill School and I totally know how all the parents feel. So far it has been the most wonderful experience. Feel free to PM me!

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Congratulations to you and your daughter! Having "lost" my son to a residency program, I know some of what you are experiencing, the good and the bad. For what it is worth, my son has never been happier in his life! He is getting wonderful training and support, and is living with close friends who share his passion. While I miss him VERY much, I know there could be no better life for him. I am wishing you and your daughter the very best with this transition and new chapter in your relationship! Remember, the anticipation of loss is very hard, and be very kind to yourself.




Congratulations to you and your daughter as well! You are right to visit and choose the best "fit." The decision was hard for us at first, as my son could see himself fitting in several programs! But there was a moment, I could see in his face, when the choice was clear. That was truely a moment of joy for me, because the decision came from some inner place, which gave me confidence that it was right--and it was! Best to you both in your decision, and in her new world!

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Joyofaleap: First of all ... congratulations to your daughter! Sounds as though you have made a great decision! I am just joining this discussion and I also have a daughter who may very well face the issue of having to decide if a residency program would be best for her. The problem is that she is only 13 1/2 (she will be 14 in May). Although her maturity as a dancer is quite mature ... she is one that I would consider being a very young almost 14 year old. Her dancing ability is a true gift she was born with, and Ballet is the one thing that has completed her life and made her a 'whole person'.


THe problem? She is very young and I cannot picture having to let her go before she is at least 16. I read posts on here that some kids leave as early as 12! Yikes ... I could never do that but I do understand that for some families it was a correct decision for thier child. My dd still needs a mom and a dad at this young age, and the thought of sending her away really scares me. She is training to be a professional ballet dancer and I would not want to hinder her opportunities, but on the other hand I cannot picture someone else finishing 'raising her' away from us at age 14.


**I would like to know how old your dd is Joyofaleap and also others on here that have posted that they have also sent thier kids away and it was the best decision you have ever made. Maybe most of your kids are 16 or older and that will help me put this all into perspective. :D Thanks so much!

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In response to above-


My DD was 15 when she started going away for summer SIs only, (Boston X 2 & ABT OC). She attended PNB's SI when she was 17 & was asked to stay year-round on full scholarship in their professional division for what would have been her Sr. year of HS. She did, & finished HS by correspondence. She is now 21 & a corps member with a great company. I asked her recently about the whole process, & she said she wouldn't change a thing. She is very happy, and loves where she is.


This was the right path for us. I don't know that living away from home any earlier would have made a difference in finding a good dance job...which is what I assume your goal is. As long as good training is available close to home, a residency program for a 17 or 18 year old is the most common age, in our experience. Years ago companies hired younger dancers, but when she auditioned around the country the kids hired into various companies were all 19-21 or so, with the very occasional exception. Again, this was just our experience. Hope this helps!

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