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She is in!!!!

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To Balletismykidslife! -


You're right - my daughter was over 16 when she started at her pre-pro school in another state in the fall of 2005. She is 18 and a high school graduate. We tried to get her going in a year-round program sooner at the age of 16 and then 17, but the plans fell through twice. She was progressing at her home studio, but felt she needed more classes a week when she reached her later teens. In the end, she is still on track, and we're so glad we had her home those extra years. Her maturity at this age has also helped her to deal with both her new intensive dance schedule and the stresses that result when living far from home.



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I share joyofaleap's feelings. My daughter is off to boarding school in September at nearly 14. Luckily (The UK being so small anyway :dry: ), she is no more than an hour from us, so I comfort myself with the knowledge that I will be able to see her between holidays. It was a very difficult decision and not made without a great deal of thought and heart-searching. Luckily herself is a highly sociable kid, so I think she will settle in easily. She has also been to summer school, so it won't seem so unfamiliar to her. We will miss her terribly!

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:D Congratulations to all who are going off to residencies to study ballet. It really is a life-changing experience for the family. My DS left home at 13 - only way to get the required training, especially for a boy. For the first two years he was very far away and I have to admit, there were some trying times and homesickness. Times when I felt bad I couldn't be there, usually when he was sick or I missed a performance. This year and next, he is back in our home province, a short train ride away - much better all around! Training at both schools has been terrific, he is still on track, has matured greatly and can handle the intensive schedule better now at 16 than at 13. He's completely happy with his "dance" life, great friends, wonderful support and teachers. Would we do it again - probably! :thumbsup:


Just to echo Vision's thoughts - you will go through periods of second-guessing, but be kind and easy on yourself - you will know instinctively if you've made the right decision. It is a difficult choice, but we felt we wanted to give our DS the opportunity to pursue his passion at the highest level of training available, as long as the commitment, drive and recognized talent continued to evolve and grow.


Good luck!

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:D There are some consolations to living on a small, insignificant island off the coast of mainland Europe! Edited by mariliz
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Wow ... only an hour away, how great is that? I can honestly say that if that was the situation for my dd that I ould jump on that too. An hour is nothing around where I live. I drive about 25 mins 6 days a week for dd and it is a snap to get there. Being an hour away I would be able to visit every weekend...now that would be great!

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You're right balletismykidslife, we are very lucky. I'll just have to make sure I don't cramp her style with too many maternal visitations!

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Well, this discussion was some time ago but now we are faced with the same situation. My dd was accepted to North Carolina School of the Arts and is ready to go! She was offered scholarship at Kirov Academy at age 12 (now Univeral Academy) but we could not fathom sending her away at that young of an age. Now that she seems to have peaked at her training locally, (she will be 16 in the fall/grade 10). I would feel bad holding her back. I have very mixed emotions! :blink: Her directors here have offered her more performance opportunities if she stays and certainly she will be at the bottom of the totem pole at NCSA! But, she wants to be with others who are focused on a professional tract. She has many non-dance friends here who do not understand her time spent in ballet. My older daughter is a graduating HS senior and is going off to college in the fall- a double whammie for us :wacko:

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Congratulations to your dd Bontemps :wacko: DD is going to NCSA residency in the fall and my son is going off to college the same week. So I know we are in the same emotional boat. I try to focus on how happy she is and it is natural to want to challenge herself. I guess I just never thought she would stay the path. So many kids start ballet and seem to transition on to college but not mine. Of course we will see what the next two years bring, it is certain to be exciting to watch. Hope to meet you at registration in August :blink:

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Congrats to you too imdriving! We definitely share a common bond! What year will your dd be? Did she meet many of the dancers when you visited? I would like for my dd to get to know some others before she goes. It was so hectic last weekend when we visited (during Spring Dance) that she did not meet many.

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I understand the need to connect with others who are taking the same journey, but I think these posts are moving into personal territory that is not useful for the larger audience. :blink:


While bontemps does not yet have enough posts to PM, she does list an email address in her profile. So, imdriving can send bontemps an email if you would like to continue the personal discussion. :wacko:

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Our DD was offered year round at UBA at the age of 13. Unfortunately, at the time we were not thinking about a residency program yet and as a result turned the offer down. Over the next several months DD had time to think about what direction she wanted her dancing to go. Fortunately the following summer, she was again offered a spot in the year round program. It has been a fabulous first year for her at UBA. Her only regret.........She wishes she had accepted the offer the year before at age 13! For us as the parents, it hasn't been as difficult as I once imagined. Cell phones, digital cameras and the Internet make it seem like we haven't even been apart. When I want to show her something or someone, I simply take a picture and e-mail it! More importantly, she is happy, VERY HAPPY, and that makes us happy!

Our oldest is off to college in Sept. as well. The house is going to be very quiet. :wink:

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Unfortunately I am blocked from using this board to send an email to Bontemps. Perhaps after you have posted a bit more we can pm.

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Guest jendavis

This is my first post, so please bear with me if I commit a chat board faux pas. My DS has been away at The Rock School this year and what made it bearable for me as a parent was the daily phone call. We have a cell phone plan with phones for all of us and we can talk to each other without using minutes. The only time I cried was after he went back after being home for spring break. I guess all the missing him caught up with me. But his home studio simply can't offer the professional training by male teachers that he needs so I accept missing him. Anyway, he is going to NCSA for next year.

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