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She is in!!!!

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Dear Twins,


Today is not a day for any advice from me. I am having my own little bipolar moment and am not in the best of minds to give any advice. I will tell you that after DD moved 8 hours away to a program and is still away at her SI I am hitting that wine/whine bottle a bit right now. I feel pulled in many directions with no money to go anywhere. We don't have any younger children still home but we do have a college graduate moved back home after her job was cut teaching music because of a school budget. (That translates into us paying her student loads). Does it count that I have an 83 year old Father that I am taking care of? Give me another 24 hours or so and I'd be happy to share our experience with a DD away from home trying to follow her dream. Right now I just need to decide if I want red or white wine.... Oh! but congrats to your daughter!

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My daughter left home to attend a pre-professional program at 15 years of age. It was the best move we ever made. She has been living away since and just turned 17. I think it is finally hitting me. I sacrifice my own needs for her and enjoy the fruits of her success. I miss her dearly, but we are closer than ever. The toughest part is realizing they will never live at home again. But the excitement and joy of watching her progress and mature in her hard working ballet life brings great satisfaction. Her family is a big emotional and financial support for her and she has learned to take care and responsibility for herself while away. It has taught her many great lessons. If this new opportunity is something that she really wants and it provides a step up in training and a way for her to get closer to her dream of making it in the ballet world - I say go for it! But of course do your due-diligence making sure this is the right move every step of the way.

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Guest balletandsynchro

I think happyfeet24 is right: the hardest part is knowing they will never really live at home again. (At least for me!) Also, she is too far away to visit (across the country, and I am unable to make weekend trips as it is too pricy.) But she has become so mature, and levelheaded living away these last two years, and has improved so much in her dancing, that it does bring great satisfaction to me, her dad, and her sister. Yes, there are financial sacrifices, and we do our best so that sister isn't feeling like DD is the one who gets everything. Good luck with your decision.

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Just a quick "refill" of the glass while I pick up DD from boyfriend's house, and I will be back. I have something to add...

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sorry...too tired to add right now..can't wait until she has her license!!!! More tomorrow...

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Guest balletandsynchro

Yet another mother who is happy that her DD will be getting a license after returning home from SI! Anyway, who needs to drive in Washington DC? :wink: It's only when she's home that she feels like she's grounded! B)

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Well, I got the call almost a month ago now, (on the day of her 15th birthday :P ) that my daughter has decided to attend the residency that she was offered at the audition 6 months ago. I haven't posted up until now because we had a number of things to get straightened out and paperwork to sign to make the whole deal official. This afternoon, I broke the news to her ballet teacher. He said that she is going with his blessing and he is proud of her and excited for her opportunity, and she is always welcome in his school, no matter what. :deal:


And then when I told my daughter what he said, my daughter (who pretty much NEVER cries) got emotional enough to have to hang up the phone and call me back after she'd composed herself.


Of course, I'm trying to figure out how to spend all my new free time which will start in September (4 hrs a day of driving, all the time in the studio, and all the time doing homeschooling). I have adopted two "ballet nieces" for when I am desperate for a ballet fix. Other than that, I might even have a clean house once in a while. :ninja:

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Other than that, I might even have a clean house once in a while.


pj I can certainly relate to that. I may even cook some meals during the week. My non dancing daughter will certainly get more attention. Don't know if that is a positive or a negative for her. But when all is said and odne, I will really miss him. Those rides back and forth daily provided so mcuh opportunity for really knowing his thoughts and fears.

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She will be attending Kirov. Sorry, I guess I just managed to skip that little detail :P

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Congrats to her and good luck to you (that's a long way away!). Let us know how she's doing next year.


: )

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Hi everyone!

This thread is hitting home for me right now. Yesterday, my 14-year-old dd accepted an offer from a pre-professioanal residental school in New York. (we live in the west) I am so happy for her, yet our house suddenly feels silent. I am now so thankful for all the hours spent in the car, where we talked about everything and forged a strong bond between us. Now it is time to let her go on to the next step. Everytime dd calls she is so happy and full of great news. For that I am happy.


So like everyone else, what to do with the extra time. Well, my son's school called up the other day needing volunteers, I guess I have time now. :D


Well anyway, Thanks to all who have posted. It is nice to know that we are not alone.

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Not near any of these decisions...but nearly in tears after reading the posts. I'm thankful for your willingness to share the raw emotions of the decisions. I'll raise my my glass in toast of bravery for letting go and recognition of the wounded heart. :D

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Congratulations, Marie :lol: Though it must be hard to let your DD leave , what a wonderful opportunity for her and a testament to hardwork on both your parts.

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Congrats to your daughter Marie! Where will she be going? We thought we would be looking into this for next year but with dd's new school and her recent (just yesterday :wub: ) letter informing us that she had been promoted to the highest level at the school (and a member of the company), we will be putting it off for another year.

My hats off to all you parents out there sending your children off to realize their dream. I honestly don't know if I would be as strong. :D

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