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visit to Australia

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I've just booked a big holiday for myself & family in Australia this summer & am very excited - we'll be away from home for a month. I had a fantastic business trip two years ago, visiting the eastern cities, and the vacation is a kind of reward for us all because my husband has been pretty unwell and was having treatment through last summer. Please could I ask for recommendations about open classes or other related classes, eg pilates, in both Sydney and Port Douglas? It's ages away - late July & August. But I am really, really excited about the holiday! Thanks in advance. :ermm:

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Don't know about Port Douglas - that's just a tourist resort, but in Sydney, have a look at the websites for adult ballet at the Seymour Centre - I really recommend Lois Strike who teaches there. And for greater variety of dance styles & a very buzzy scene (but sometimes a bit "up yours") try the Sydney Dance Company at the Wharf. Fantastic location, although I always lived nearer the Seymour Centre studios & the Wharf can be a pain to get to by public transport (although things might have improved since I lived in Sydney).


If you google both of these you'll get web-sites, and I remember there was abn earlier thread about Sydney classes - try searching the Adult Ballet forums here at BT4D.

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Hi Dianec!


I'm English but living in Sydney now, so I can give you some advice on the dancing.


I attend the Adult Ballet Studio that Redbookish recommended. Lois no longer teaches there as she retired, but all classes are now taught by her close colleague, Olivia. She is just fantastic. There is a strong emphasis on technique and safety, and exercises are normally done quite slowly. I find it very strengthening. The studio has a website, which is really easy to find if you do a search. She has a large, very loyal crowd of students which I feel is a tribute to her skills!


I've also attended some ballet classes at the Sydney Dance Company. At the moment I often go to Elementary on Sundays. It's fun and it's a good chance to get in an extra class, but there isn't really much in the way of technique. The barre exercises are very straightforward and over quickly, unlike at the Adult Ballet Studio, so they don't build stamina, but like I said, it's fun for a Sunday when I don't really feel like doing 8 count developees for five minutes! The teachers at Sydney Dance Company are more performers who teach as something extra, whereas Olivia is a truly dedicated teacher.


In both studios you can drop in and pay a casual rate.


Also at Sydney Dance Company there are all kinds of modern dance classes (eg funk, jazz, Broadway...who knew there could be so many?!) and 'stretch'. I've been to several stretch classes and enjoyed them, but have recently given up. You can look at my thread on the Adult Ballet Students forum for that drama. I think you just have to be aware that the teachers aren't teachers especially, but performers, so just be careful of injury.


If you have any more questions I'd be happy to answer them. Maybe I'll see you later this year! :)

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