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I'm looking for a school to dance in Los Angeles an I started looking at Westside ballet but I can't find much info about the quality of the failities, teachers, and dancers

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If you are new in Los Angeles, welcome! My dd's danced at Westside for about ten years. I can probably answer questions, but as Marqa suggested, you may first want to visit the web site to learn more about teachers, alumni, etc.


Also, if you are in Los Angeles and it is convenient, why not make a visit to the school to observe or take a class or two? You would be most welcome to do so...just check in with the desk and they will direct you as appropriate!


Best of luck,



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They will factor in both your age and your previous training, and then recommend a class level for you to try. The teachers will adjust from there if necessary.


My dd was in level 7.


When you get PM privileges, feel free to PM me with more questions.



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Is their a big difference between the childrens division and the junior division? what is the age group for each level

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There are lots of Westside Ballet Alums in ballet companies, especially the West coast companies. They must have a strong program. The director often sets Balanchine ballets on other companies. None of my kids have ever attended Westside but I hear great things about it.

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