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Dancing differently around better students


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I have started getting parts where I dance with students above my level, which is awesome, but I feel like and have been told by my teachers that I don't dance as well when we have combined classes or rehearsals with students from higher levels. I don't know why. I don't think it is a self-confidence problem, but it might be. Because I do this I feel like I could of done better if I had felt more comfortable with the people around me. Does any body have an idea why I do this and have any suggestions? Does anybody else do this?

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Maybe you're holding something back around more advaced students? I have a similiar problem, only the opposite. I think I dance better around more advanced students, because I have more motivation. If you think, "Wow, she's so much better than me" or "I'll never be able to do that step." or something along those lines, your dancing will probably suffer. Remember to pay your full attention to *your* own dancing. It's truly amazing what positive thoughts can do. It really doesn't seem like it, but it is.


Good luck :)

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Guest MissBallet


I used to have the same issue. Maybe you are trying to impress the other dancers and concentrating on that and not yourself? When I am in class, I just block out all the other dancers. Don't think about them.


Also have determination and confidence in your work, always! If you see a dancer doing something better than you, don't just think to yourself "I'll never be able to dance like that ever!" What you think is what will happen.


I'm sure you are a great dancer, and if you just think about yourself and try to learn from others and not compare yourself to them, I think you'll to great :)


Good luck!


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Miss Ballet-welcome to our boards. We hope you will read all the stickys and rules and regulations of the boards and then jump right in becoming a viable member. In the meantime, would you please remove your studio name from your profile. We feel it is best for our student members to be able to exist here without specific references.

vj (moderator)

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Ah, that's been taken care of! The reason that we ask that minors not identify themselves SO clearly is a matter of their own protection and privacy. Adults can take their own chances.

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I feel the same way only a little different. When I dance with one of my school's principal dancers, I say to myself "Wow! She is amazing!!" and I want to try as hard as I can in class.

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Yeah, I have the opposite problem. I have always been in classes above my level because I only started ballet a year ago and have been dancing six days a week since I began. I think I was able to progress so quickly because I was with more advnced people. I think I find it easier to watch more experienced dancers and to learn from them. Thats just me, but I have always found myself dancing better when I am with people who are better than me. :D

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I usually find I dance my best around less advanced students. One day a week I assist with a younger children's ballet class to help with my tuition and whenever the teacher asks me to demonstrate something, I feel much more comfortable than when I am in my own class. Maybe because I know the younger ones aren't nearly as judgemental? When I'm around better students I usually end up feeling inferior and then dancing inferior. I know it's all in my head, but it can be hard to work around.

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Guest Kirena

That seems to happen to me too. I feel discouraged and I dance better around dancers that have less technical abilities than me. I get frusterated when I can't look like the beter dancers........ :(

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Guest SweetSorrow004

I dance worse around better, more advanced people, i think maybe becuase i feel that i need to be better than waht i've done. I know i can do more... Just a mental thing i think i really need to overcome.

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Yeah it feels like when I dance w. better people that what I have been working for is not as good as them... but now i am starting to discover something that helps not worry about that... and that is that i dont care how much better everyone is as long as i can dance and hope to eventually be like them!!!

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You can also just not feel pressured, and dance for yourself and do the best you can. Do not worry about the others. I've been in open classes where there have been professional dancers doing 6 piroetts and then there has been a begginer adult next to them, doing a single. Those other students probably aren't judging you. Even if they are...who cares???

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i do the EXACT SAME THING,it may be because they are taller and act cool around you,so you feel small andstupid,which lowers your confidence,which makes your abiliy to dance very hard,don't let it get to you!how do you think they got cool in the first place?they just acted like themselves,so do the same thing! :D


Nutmegdancer :thumbsup:

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I often feel really discouraged in a class with people better then myself. But even though I feel discouraged, it actually lifts my performance. For example, if I'm standing behind a girl more advanced then myself or with excellent presentation or technique....I actually improve mine aswell. Sometimes it's really good to have a higher standard put before you, because it pushes you. Being in a class with all students at this 'flat' level makes you more content with being that flat level yourself. My teacher has noticed this with me aswell.

I definitely know how discouraging it is though...Sometimes I just wish I could sink into the ground. They can be so off putting, but recently I've been trying to just do my best and ignore the fact that I'm at the bottom of the class.

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