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I've been watching a lot of tv lately (broken ankle :( ) and just saw the Hanes commercial featuring Momix dancers. I know that a poster on this board has a daughter dancing with them. Can you tell us if your DD is one of those featured? I am really impressed by the movement/choreography of these dancers! Will they ever tour to the Las Vegas area? My DD, myself and a lot of others would love to see them.

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Nice little comment from Great Dance Weblog


Rachel writes: I have always wondered why ad agencies didn’t run after dance companies to use in ads and commercials and now I just caught the Momix dance company in a Hanes commercial.


MOMIX dancers have also just completed shooting a series of print ads for Hanes. :) Sure would be nice if hiring dancers for advertisements of all kinds becomes a solid trend.

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Hi, i just wanted to say that i know a few people who are now in Momix!do you guys know a person named Jonathon? :)

I also saw the commercial,i liked the part in the beginning where the two women were what do you call it?striding across the floor,in a pattern!


Nutmegdancer :)

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Hi Nutmegdancer, yes, Jonathan trained at Nutmeg. In fact, right now there are 5 former Nutmeg students (and one frequent guest teacher) who are dancing with MOMIX.


The commercial is cute but it doesn't look like what MOMIX actually does. :blushing: But they are each of them beautiful strong dancers and it's so great that Hanes sought out MOMIX for their ads.


May this be the beginning of a long alliance between advertisers and dancers (who desperately need the income that ads bring). :)

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Please be reminded that this is not a chatroom. :P This is a forum to discuss substantive issues relating to ballet. If you want to get more information about your friends, please contact Vagansmom via email or PM to discuss personal questions. :innocent:

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It is a great commercial and good promotion for Momix. My 10 year old knew who it was as she had gone on a field trip saw them and loved it and noticed it on the hanes commercial. Good for them.

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