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Adult Recreational Dancers wanted in London for Performance Company


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Hello all!!


The dance company that I am a part of, Balletomane, is now recruiting for new dancers. We will be holding auditions after Easter.


If you're between 20 and 35; of intermediate level or above; able to attend rehearsals in Uxbridge (West London) on a Sunday; and are passionate about performance, then please contact us for further details.


Any questions please feel free to either email the address on the website, or PM me.


If you are interested, please contact us through our "News" page on our website here.




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Ooh I was wodnering if you would be doing another performance


I saw this the last time around, but didn't feel up to it, as I was so new back.


I'm really tempted now, but I'm not sure I'm good enough yet.


I would have PM'd you about the level, but I haven't got PM privileges yet.

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Thanks, have got your email.


(Email address edited from post.)



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Also the audition weekends have been decided as 23rd and 30th April, both Sundays.




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Do you know what you will perform? I mean what are you casting for? :-)

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We currently have excerpts from Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and the Nutcracker.


One of the reasons we are recruiting is that we can have more dancers in the corps work to make it more exciting, and also for more solos/duets. We are aiming for a separate ensemble piece and some new solo pieces. We are also trying to get understudies for existing pieces.


Of the existing pieces, some of them are newly choreographed and some you may have seen elsewhere:


Sleeping Beauty:

Lilac Fairy

White Cat and Puss in Boots



Russian Dance



Swan Lake:

Excerpts from Act II (ensemble work)

Spanish Dance

Black Swan Solo




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Could you let us know when and where you will be performing?

Im sure some of us here at BT would love to watch your performances :blushing:

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Hello folks!


We are next performing somewhere in Peckham (in South East London - for the friends across the pond) for some elderly people in a church hall in June. Unfortunately it is not open to the public...


It is in the early planning stages we hope to put a performance in a theatre in London (errm.... not in the West End... I wish!) next year probably. I'll be sure to yell by the time we have more definite details!




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