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I am a college freshman looking to transfer schools sometime next year. I am not a dance major, so I am not really looking at colleges with dance programs, but I would really like to find a good school nearby so I can take class on my own time. With that said, does anyone know of any good schools near Wheaton, IL or western Chicago? I am looking for someplace with a strong ballet program (of course!) and I don't really have any preferences on other styles offered. I really love ballet, but I do not have the talent to go pro; still, I would still like to take class that is challenging and technique oriented, not just recreational adult classes. Any suggestions?



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DD never danced there but when we lived in Hinsdale (western suburb) there was Salt Creek Ballet. From what I understand, it is serious ballet (no other types of dance offered) and I think, Vagnova in style. It was hard to find much in the way of serious ballet near Hinsdale....DD was only 5 when we lived there so pre-ballet could be found in less serious environment.





edited to add website: www.saltcreekballet.org

Looks like the school has grown quite a bit!

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In Naperville, there is Chicago Festival Ballet. This is closer than Salt Creek to your location. My daughter started her dance training there and it was a good foundation! We have not lived there for many years, but I just checked their site and it looks like many of the same faculty are still on board.

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Hi -


I've danced at both of the above-mentioned schools. If you want to actually enroll for a term, then at Salt Creek you could dance with the pre-vocational students.


Otherwise, there they have adult classes, which you can take either on a termly or drop-in basis.


Chicago Festival Ballet in Naperville does not have adult classes, but will let you dance either on a drop in basis or termly with their 'regular' teen classes.


In terms of facilities - Salt Creek has bigger, nicer studios. But both are nice (compared to the horrid community centres in Oxford!!!).


I would recommend trying out both and then deciding. They are both decent schools, but they have very different ways of approaching training and teaching. I enjoyed the mix, but I know others who felt they got more from one or the other - so you never know!!!


I've also taken classes in Naperville at.... School of DanceWest Ballet I think? I took one of their classes for adults which was very good (I liked the teacher a lot!) and she then recommended other classes there I could take, on a drop-in basis. It is maybe not too far from where CFB.... I didn't make it up to Faoburg (sp?), which would have been a much longer drive.


Good luck! Maybe I'll see you sometime there if I'm ever back in the area!!!

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Faubourg School of Ballet is not to far from Wheaton it is located in Hanover Park, and it is a very good ballet school. This school just received the Outstanding Teacher Award from YAGP. They won a first, second and third place in the senior division.

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Yes, shineon, you are right, and I should have been more clear - it would have been a longer drive for *me*, from where my family is in Naperville. I borrow mom's car when I'm at home, so I try not to strand her.... and besides, I'm supposed to be visiting family, not abandoning them!!!



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Faubourg School of Ballet is an amazing school. As shineon mentioned, they just received the Outstanding Teacher award at the Youth America Grand Prix, received a 1,2 and 3 in the senior division, also had top twleve placements in the junior and pre-competitive divisions too.


Lots of other students accomplishments too. Most advanced students are accepted at the top summer intensives (some with full scholarships), several have gone on to the top performing arts schools, two formers students are now dancing with Joffrey ballet, and the list goes on.


It's a great atmosphere and the director has a unique approach to training not only the body, but also the mind. My dd has received incredible training there.



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