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Summer Camp in TX


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With my 9 year old (non-dancing) daughter getting excited about going away to camp again this summer, my 7 year old dancing son is starting to look at what summer camp he wants to go to when he is 8 (that's the first year I'll let him go).


I'm not talking about SIs here-- I know he's way too young for that!!! I'm just looking for a fun 1 week residential camp in Texas that does a variety of camp activities including some dance. He loves ballet and would love to have fun and get to know other dancers at camp. If we can't find anything I suppose he'll just go to YMCA or church camp, but his first choice is a place to do a little dancing as well as other things.


I know there's some fine arts camps up north, but we're just looking for something here in TX for now. Any thoughts?

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If you go through the Alley theater in Houston, they have Alley Kids during the summer. I am not sure of the age range. They aren't ballet, but they do a musical theater program for a couple of weeks. My daughter had a friend that went and she loved it. It's not an overnight thing but at 7 that might be a bit much. My older didn't have a problem with overnight camp but my younger one did it but had a hard time a bed time.

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