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What has happened to Ballet International of Indianapolis? I looked for their web site and found it to no longer be functional. Woud appreciate any info.


Thanks much in advance...Doug.

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Thanks much for the info. Every indication was that it was history but I appreciate the links that will give me more info.


Those very links may well answer my next question which is, what happened to Irena Kolpakova and her husband, both of whom were associated with the school and company.


Again, my appreciation for the links.



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Guest arabento

They are now associated with The Russian Ballet Academy of Indiana (RBAI). She is the assistant artistic director and he is the principal of the academy. He is also teaching some of the girls and boys classes. My son (age 11) feels very honored to have him as his teacher.

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He is acting as an artistic consultant for the Cincinnati ballet for the rest of their season. This is total speculation but its my belief that he, Victoria Morgan, and their new Executive Director may be considering the logistics of becoming a twin city company. Indianapolis is only 2 and half hours away.

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