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I was trying to find mens costume patterns and ran across this site. Does anyone know where I can find ballet patterns for men? My son is 14 and 6 feet tall. I have to make at least 2 outfits that are more than vest for his next two performances at his school. (he goes to a performing arts middle school). His ballet school has costumes we could checck out, but nothing fits or matches.

Thanks a bunch

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Via our handy-dandy Amazon banner link I found:




Now that may not look like much, but the entire back of the book is the most salient part of the excellent older book, Dressing for the Ballet, which shows the most-used and most practical forms of costuming, including men's, and how to make them!

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I made a pattern from a professionally made men's tunic. I drew(traced) the pieces onto a piece of paper and then taped one copy of it together and fitted it to my son to get the idea of how to put the pieces back together and how they needed to be sized. You might also check out the pro shop section of the board. The people there are very helpful.

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