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I'm a 15-year-old boy who's just decided, after being reassured on another forum that he isn't too old, that he will take ballet lessons. :) It all came about after I played in the orchestra for a production of 'Sylvia' by Delibes and saw some other boys dancing - I decided that it looked like great fun, and I've always liked ballet.


I think I may have found myself a school, but I'm simply clueless when it comes to clothing etc. Thankfully, a search on wikipedia saved me from the embarassment of asking exactly what a dance belt was, but I still have a few other questions.


Shoes: Do I need ones with a full sole, or a 'top spin' whatever that may be? :unsure: Does anyone have any advice on a particular sort to get, or which colour/type is most appropriate?


General clothing: What sort of thing should I wear to my first lessons? I've established from other topics that tights will be required and I should wear black, unless I want to make a fool of myself. If anyone could give me some sort of comprehensive list, it'd be greatly appreciated. :shrug:


Lastly, if anyone has any advice for a beginner, it would be most welcome. I'm still worried that I'm too old to be starting, though I've always been flexible and have danced before. What sort of things will be expected of me in my first few lessons?

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Hi, Conal, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :)


Congratulations on having made the BIG DECISION to start class!


Here's a list of The Generic Uniform for menswear in ballet.


Shoes - white, whether canvas or leather makes no difference. For a beginner, a full-soled shoe would be best, as it makes the foot work harder in order to point the foot. "Top spin" only makes sense to me in tennis, golf, bowling or craps, so I don't know what that is. The other option is split-soled shoes, which you may want later on, after your feet have toughened up some.


Tights - yes, black and opaque whether footed or footless or convertible, you'll want a couple pair. They are worn in conjunction with white socks, preferably thin and nylon - believe it or not, this is one case where synthetic is better than natural fiber. A recent study clearly indicated that nylon socks are less likely to make a foot blister than cotton. Fine wool or silk would be good, too, but geez, what cost and upkeep trouble. Take the easy way out. A web belt about the waist with the tights pulled up and rolled over it keeps things snug.


Top - a white, form-fitting short-sleeved shirt, or even a white leotard worn UNDER the tights and over the aforementioned dance belt.


This is the basic "uniform". Variation is permitted, but check your chosen school for a dress code. For the first few lessons, you may want to try bike shorts and working in stocking feet. For beginners, some schools even prefer that!

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Welcome Conal!


In the shoirt time I have been dancing, I have found Mel to be a great source of advice. Please use him as often as you need, and remember there is no such thing as a stupid question.


One thought I would like to add - I totally appreciate where you are coming from - excited, nervous, scared, etc. Been there! When ever those feelings of nervouseness start to creep up on you, relax, breath and remind yourself why you wanted to start dancing. No one is gojng to laugh at you or make fun of you, and everyone will most likely encourage you to keep working hard (and you will work hard if you want to be a dancer!) Eventually the rest becomes details (type of shoes, type of uniform, etc.) Focus on learning and having fun!


Everyone has to start sometime, and nobody was born great (sorry Mel! :D ) - we all have to work at it.


Best of luck! :innocent:

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