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Phyiscal Education and Your Knees

Guest MissBallet

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Guest MissBallet

Hey everyone!


I know that PE is bad for dancers. I've talked with my ballet teacher yesterday about my knees. They are starting to hurt alot. Under the kneecap is where it hurts the most when I'm jumping and running. I don't have hyperextended legs and I hear that it effects those with hyperextensions the most. But, does it effect just any dancer?


These 'pains' feel like a pinch right under my kneecap when I'm running in PE. I talked with my parents and they said I just need new running shoes. I can't just 'dropout' of PE without parental permission. I just can't get it into my parent's heads. How can I go about with this? What do I tell them?


I was also wondering if running in PE and these pains I am having under my kneecap can effect your knees while dancing. I, honestly, don't know what all could happen when you run in PE. I don't know why it is so bad for dancers. I talked with my ballet teacher yesterday before class started and she told me that I really should try to find a way to get out of PE. I Why is it so bad for dancers? Why do ballet teachers think running in PE is so bad?


If I sound like a complete idiot, please forgive me. I am not the brightest in the world. Thanks for the help! I'm almost desprate...and a little worried :pinch: Thanks all and have a great week!



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Dani, not all PE is bad for dancers. Some sports are fine. The problem is running. It's high impact, which dancers just don't need, as it can cause joint problems, and even more than that, dancers run turned out, which is not the correct way to run, and this is definitely bad. Short bits of running, like tennis, for instance, are not a problem. But track running is a problem. I played many sports growing up, and never got out of PE, as I loved it. BUT, and this is a big BUT, I never had to run laps or track. I played basketball and volleyball and even softball. But no long distance running, and no soccer or hockey, as those are dangerous for the legs.

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Have her read the response here, and also other threads we have on PE and on Running. We have students who get out of PE, and we have students who are able to participate but without the running. Between a physician, your parents, and the school principal, usually it can be worked out to do what is best for you. :)

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