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Guest MissBallet

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Guest MissBallet

Hey everyone :rolleyes:


I was just wondering if you should feel comfortable talking to your ballet teachers about ANYTHING. In some situations, I just think that my ballet teachers will just laugh at my questions. :pinch: Is it typical for a dancer to feel like this when they have some sort of issues of ballet?



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Dani, you definitely should feel comfortable talking to your ballet teacher. If you have questions you need to ask them. That is part of their job, and part of your responsibility as a student who wants to learn. :pinch:

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You should always feel comfortable, I am so comfortable talking to my ballet teacher, because she makes it feel at home!

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knock, knock.


I'm an adult, but I still have this problem in my class. I feel like my teacher is too busy for my silly questions. She recently found out about this website- and my user name- because I gave someone her contact information to find a video. I asked her if she had ever heard about it and when she said no, I told her what a wealth of information was available. Then I said "I go there to ask my stupid questions, or questions I wasn't able to ask her because she had to rush to teach the next class" (because I feel silly asking questions, but I still need the answer) She gave me a funny look and assured me that if I had a question, it probably wasn't stupid- and that she always had time to answer the questions.


So, there you go. Teachers are human too, which means at one point in their life they probably asked the silly questions! It's probably better to ask the question, and show that you are working hard at understanding ballet- then to not say anything at all.


But- you aren't the only one who is timid about asking questions. I'm okay at asking things like "Are we in croise or efface"- but I still have to work on things like "I think I pulled this muscle, what's a good stretch for it"

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Guest toetallyonpnt

I guess I am very blessed, because my ballet teacher is one of the most approachable people I have every met. She is willing to answer any valid question, and is truly out to help us. She is one of the most caring people I have ever met! I think that it is very important to be able to approach your ballet teachers about anything, and be able to ask them questions.

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My teacher always encourages us to ask questions...she says we can ask them after class if we're to embarassed to ask with our friends around. Somtimes she does make you feel silly for asking, but most of the time, I feel very comfortable with her. Afterall, if she's been working with you for hours and hours a week, for years on end, it should be a natrual kind of relationship. :thumbsup:

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[is this teacher a male or female?i get the same uncomfortable feeling when i am talking to a male teacher,i think it is because they are the oppisite sex,i can talk about ANYTHING to my female teachers,but i am sort of shy to my male teachers,so you are not alone! :D


You are not the only one!It's OK! :thumbsup:


Nutmegdancer :thumbsup:

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