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Cheer Them On?


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My friends keep bringing me down whenever i do something right, and then they all do something right while I cheer them on,i know the ballet world is suppose to be tough, but this is trifling! :(



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Are you sure these are friends??? :)

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Wel,i am homeschooled, so they are really the closest friends i have.... :) i have SOME friends that homeschool,but i go 5/7 days a week,so i see them all the time

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They are probably jealous. I've had experiences like this. You are doing the right thing though so keep cheering them on. Whenever I have friends that suddenly do something really great, like a ton of fouettes into 7 pirouettes, my first reaction is jealousy because I wish I could be as good as they are, but I am truely happy and excited for them. They probably are really nice to you outside of class but then during class when you do something remarkable or become a few of the teacher's favorites, they get jealous and they just take those feelings out on you and try to bring you down. Just keep doing your best. :(

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And another noted dancer, Eddie Cantor, said:


"He hasn't an enemy in the world; all his friends hate him."


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thank you everybody,it makes me feel alot better! :wub: but why don't they do the same thing as me,if i am so nice,why aren't they?it seems like everybody turns on me if i do something right,i can't find that in my heart to be mean to someone when they have accomplished something that makes them proud,do you know what i mean? :shrug:


Nutmegdancer :)


L'allegro,is your private message thingy full? :shrug: i tried to send you somehting,i know we are not allowed to talk like this in posting.


Nutmegdancer :(

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I think that these people really aren't your real friends. :D Real friends would support whatever you do, especially when you accomplish something. :blink: Some people just aren't very nice and there's nothing you can do about that. :green: But my advice to you is to continue being polite to them, even if they do make snide remarks, be the bigger person. In the meantime, you can surround yourself with people who support your dancing, distance yourself from these so called 'friends', and keep pushing yourself to be the best dancer you can possibly be. :P

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That used to be a big problem for me and my best friend. We danced so alike, had the same body type and height, and were always cast doing similar parts. It drove us crazy! My point being, sometimes I wasn't always as nice or appreciative of her as I should have been. All because I was jealous and had my own insecurities. I ended up switching studios {{not for that reason}} so now its not that same situation. But try to ignore it or bring it up {outside of class} becuase if it's anything like my case there not mean people just a little jealous.

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