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I've auditioned for SI's for 3 years now and hav gone to Briansky, CPYB and ABT. This year however I also applied to several academic summer programs...not CTY but boarding programs at Andover, Exeter, Choate and other schools. If I choose to go to one of these academic boarding programs and all of the other people in the Pre-Professional division at my ballet school go to SI's will I be really disadvantaged come September? I can manage an August intensive at my home school after the boarding school program.

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May I ask why you are choosing to go to an academic school in the summer instead of an SI? How long will you be going without any dance, and how long is the Aug. intensive?

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I would attend the academic program for the five weeks that many SI's run. The dates for each of my 4 schools that I applied to vary. All four begin the last week in June and end the first week in August. I would love to attend one of these programs because it gives me the opportunity to study courses not available to me at my regular school, a chance to visit some of the premier colleges in the New England area and a chance to meet with college counselors andother people beneficial to getting into a good college (I hope to attend Yale as a member of the class of 2013).

I would not therefore be able to attend an SI in July at all. I would be able to do a 3-week august intensive at my home school. I might also consider CPYB if I can find a host family for their 2 weeks.

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