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hi,it seems nobody is answering to my topics,do i have to do a certain number of topics before people can reply?PLEASE help me,i am REALLY confused! :thumbsup:

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I think most of your topics have responses, Nutmegger. Check again. And also please check to see that you are posting them on the correct forums. This is a Nutrition and Health forum, so I'm moving this to YD.

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It's already been moved to the YD board. However, I have answered a pile of your questions already, so I don't understand why you even posted this.

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oh, no i mean,other people ,they are not answering,only you,does that mean something? :thumbsup:

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Yes. Questions on the Young Dancers board are answered by teachers. Others, including students, may add anecdotal information that is related to the topic, but they do NOT give advice, and they add only after a teacher has answered. This is not a chat board.

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