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i feel bad for my friend,the teachers push hard on her ,and she thinks it is because she is not good enough to be a dancer,i keep telling her that they pay attention to her because they see potencial,isn't that true?or not? they do that to me too,so i get uneasy when she says that ,so is it true, do they think we aren't good enough?


Nutmegdancer :thumbsup:

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Nutmegdancer, this post is heresay...either you edit it or I will! I suggest you ask direct questions regarding yourself and ballet. It is not BT4D position to pass advise on to a young dancer, for the young dancer to pass it on to another student.

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nutmegdancer thank you for editing your post. :thumbsup: The point of teaching is to make students/dancers better. Correcting hands is not an easy thing to fix for the student. Trust your teachers and work very hard. If you find that you are unable to trust your teachers, find a new school with teachers you are able to trust. Sometimes however it is a matter of self confidence. Believe in yourself! :D

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Nutmegdancer, generally when a teacher is pushing on a dancer they feel that she is worthy of their time and energy. The time to worry is when there are no corrections. However, as vrsfanatic said, this post is troubling, since it is not about you, and I think it best that we close it now.

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