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You and Your Teachers

Guest MissBallet

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Guest MissBallet

Ok, this is going to sound REALLY dumb, so be prepared :blushing: Is it normal for dancers to be fascinated by a spacific teacher? There is this one teacher who I feel soooo comofrtable with...like she is my mother! I am so fascinated by her. Is this normal, or am I going mental? :blushing: Thanks!


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Not at all unusual, Dani :blushing: But do keep in mind that she is NOT your mother, and that is not her purpose in your life! She is there to teach you ballet. She has lots of young dancers, and I'm sure she loves all of you, but it's not at all the same as your Mom. :blushing:

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Thats not weird at all! I think that its important to have a good student-teacher relationship. You will learn more, feel more comfortable asking questions, and generally be happier in the class.


Consider yourself lucky! :-)

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Guest illini_chic110

I have one teacher who I look up to so much. I swear I'd love to be as good as she is. She's like perfection! Because I get along with her well, I feel like I get more out of class. SO I think a good relationship is important.

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I have kind of the opposite problem! I have two technique teachers, one is wonderful and the other is a good teacher but you always feel like you cant do anything right. I guess it is a good balance becuase I do have one technique teacher that is great and i learn so much from him and he is so supportive and i get so much out of the class, but i just wish my other teacher could be like that too becuase i think i would advance more and do better in the class. Dont feel weird - its a good thing to have a teacher you like alot!! :wink:

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I've been at two studios and at each of them i have teachers like that!! :angry:


I think its good to have a good relationship but also not to get to close that you take there corrections personal!

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I'm kind of like Gilly, but there's three teachers. One teacher is awesome, and you always feel good after her classes; the other (the one I'm extremely fascinated by) is so perfect. I admire her so much. Then I have this teacher who makes you feel horrible sometimes. He's funny and nice but he's so hard! So I guess it's different for everyone. I'd say that being fascinated by a teacher is normal.

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