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Ok , so in my hometown I have been dancing at this teeny tiny studio, which is not ballet based, pre-pro AT ALL. Its all kinds of classes, with ballet only twice a week for ALL levels!! So we are looking to hire a new director, and we've had some applicants. Ok, so we have Deidre Carberry and some other people. But didn't Deidre dance with ABT!?!?!?! Does anyone know more about her?! Why would they want to come to a recreational dance school in a town of 7,000 people in northern Minnesota/!??! Is this crazy?

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Yes, Deirdre Carberry danced with ABT in the 1980s under the artistic directorship of Baryshnikov. She was the youngest dancer taken into the company at that time (I think she was only 15, no more than 16 when she was chosen.) She danced with ABT for several years, was a wonderful soloist, a favourite of many, but did not attain principal status.


We don't speculate about a dancer's intentions on Ballet Talk for Dancers, so your question of "why?, etc." cannot be answered here unless there has been a published quote from Carberry herself on the reason why she is interested in the directorship of your studio.

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Okay, well I just thought I would share that with you all. I can't wait to take class from her next week, but if you guys knew my studio you would be verrrry curious as to why she is interested. haha.

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Just bear in mind that "Dierdre Carberry" is not a copyrighted name. This could be some other Dierdre Carberry, but the phenomenon of a really significant dancer going into a sort of rural retreat happens a lot more frequently than you would think.

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Sorry to say this - but shouldnt applications for jobs be kept confidential? Are you sure that this person is happy for her (real or imagined) intentions to be broadcast to everyone? I suggest the moderators look at this thread quickly.




Oops! I see one has. But I think my point still stands I think, unless the ballet world is very different from any other world I've been in.

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Good idea, jim. Let's just chill out on this one until we know what's actually up out there. Floating a prominent name in this case trespasses over the line into gossip.

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I know this because she is guest teaching next week/ interviewing. She said she would like the current teacher to share some background on her before she arrived. I think this is a credible source because I dance at the studio. Sorry if this is inappropriate maybe it should have gone on buddy board...i just wanted some opinions.

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