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Frustrated with exam partner and more...


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i've been busy preparing for my rad grade 7 exam next week. this week being the term break week, my teacher has arranged for us to have 4 classes as the final preparation for the exam. since they were mostly in the mornings, i took 2 mornings off work to attend 2 of the classes. i had expected that most of my classmates would have made similar arrangements to attend the classes. however, many of them did not show up, including my partner. this frustrated me to no ends.


my teacher had let my partner join the class half way through the term. over the weeks, she had an irregular attendance record and often came for class late, so i wasn't exactly pleased when my teacher made her my partner. her attendance didn't improve much over the past few months and i ended up not being able to work with her on the partnering exercises.


she's not very sure of the exercises, and while the rest of us are polishing up our solo dances, she's still making mistakes on the steps. i've asked her to join an extra exam prep class that i'm taking with another teacher and even arranged for her to join the class for free, but she stood me up twice. i really don't know what else i can do. :dry:


actually, i've feel that many of my younger classmates don't appreciate what they have. their parents are paying for their classes, they have tiny ballerina figures, some of them have beautiful turnout and extension, lovely feet, but only a few of them really work hard at ballet. i wish i was that age again. :sweating:


anyway, with 2 lessons left before the exam, i'm just going to try my best. hopefully the fact that we hardly have any interaction won't affect my marks too much, i'm trying for a distinction this year. wish me luck :thumbsup:

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We do - wish you all the luck in the world!!!



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thanks jimpickles.


right now, i'm at the "what the hell was i thinking when i signed up for it" phrase. in other words, i'm pretty much in panic mode now. after all the corrections that were given to me last week, i'm pretty much crammed full of "what not to dos" and "what to watch out fors". and of course, "remember to smiles" :)


hope all goes well tomorrow (cross fingers) :shrug:

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Guest dancerlover

Once you move to Majors you are rid of "partnering" issues :P for now you'd to bear the grunt! Best is to do what you good at, ignore your partner, most likely she is going to end up wobbly during exams but thats part of it. Another is adults level of commitment differs thus can't be weighed. Have you done pre-ele or will you be doing it next year?

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