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Leather shoes


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How much do leather slippers stretch? When I went to buy new slippers, the fitter gave me a pair that feels rather tight, almost pinchy, but assured me that they will stretch. I know slippers are supposed to wrap around your feet well, but it just feels a bit too tight. But if I go up a size, it's too wide, too long... I have very problematic feet :( Do you know how much leather stretches, and how fast?

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They will stretch, and probably haven't forgotten the first try-on. They'll come around in a few classes.

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This is what I do to break in new leather shoes: While wearing the shoes dampen them with a wet paper towel. Keep working your feet in the shoes while they're damp- pointing, flexing, releves etc. This helps the leather to stretch and also to mold to your particular foot shape better. You don't need to wear them until completely dry but keep them on for awhile then remove and allow to air dry completely.


If I don't get them stretched/formed quite enough I repeat the dampening and then wear them through the first part of barre in the classroom. Also, because I'm overly picky about my elastics, I don't sew them on until I've broken the shoes in.


Hope this helps.

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The leather slippers I am wearing these days came from the clearance shelf and were definitely rather snug when I first got them, but are now just right. They are actually 1/2 size and one width smaller than the shop fit me in...go figure.


Anyway, I didn't do anything special to stretch them--just wore them. I love the fit.

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Leather does stretch, so buy them as snug as you dare. Canvas does not stretch, and may even shrink a teeny bit, so geth them a little looser.



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I love leather slippers to be tight at first. The tricky part is making sure they are not too short. If thay are you may feel a lump under your heel from the heel pad being too far forward.

I just got a pair of those new capezios with some sort of magic stretch leather that looks great on my feet; no wrinkles at all! Half an hour into class I was feeling a painful lump under my heel.....I am thinking gel pads. These puppies weren't cheap.

If the heel feels good the rest will probably feel fine after a few classes as long as your feet get good and warm.



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Guest pink tights

Laschwen is right. Tight is one thing, short is another. Also be sure to check width. Too narrow causes all sorts of problems, especially with balance.

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