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Hey guys! Well I'm finally on the mend from mono, thanks for all the advice....it was appreciated!


My question reguards Summer SIs. I was accepted into a very good program, but I chose not to go, since I was hoping to audition for other schools who's auditions were after this particular school's registration deadline. Well, I ended up not being able to go to the auditions because of the mono. Anyway, I am now at a loss as to where to go! Are there any good SIs that don't require auditions? I always thought that good schools held auditions for their SIs, but I'm hoping that there are some that don't. *sigh* If not, I don't know what I'll do, I don't want to spend my summer doing ballet at a non-serious SI. :shrug:


If you need to move this, please do, I wasn't sure what board to put it on!



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well you could find a serious dance place near by and see if they have open classes, or see if they have a summer intensive. like here you can go to maryland youth ballet and take a class and then you are aloud to do there summer intensive.(hope this helps)

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Well I dont yet have enough experience to audition for any SIs, so I am instead going to a three week program at a good school in my area and then attending classes at my studio as usual for the rest of the summer. Perhaps there is a school like this in your area? I would look around and see what there is. Maybe some other people from your area have some suggestins. Hope this was of some help. :shrug:

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If I remember correctly, Grand Rapids Ballet has an SI that doesn't require an audition. They may have changed that, though. I have to go now, but later I can get you more information.

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if you have a school that you go to for the rest of the year,and if they have SIs,you could just go there so you don't get out of shape in the Summer,then next year you can go to a serious school!


Hope this helps!

Nutmegdancer :shrug:

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Knock, knock. First of all, have you tried contacting the SI you were accepted to and explaining the circumstances?


Second, take a look at Neglia Ballet Arts in Buffalo. This is a small SI, but last summer my DD enjoyed the training very much. One of the main instructors is Mario Galizzi, from the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires.

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Thanks so much for the advice! Treefrog: My mom thought of that! We did call the SI, but it is a large well known one and already had accepted its limit on dancers. However, I will look into the school in Buffalo. If all else fails, I will go to my studios SI (which is always fun and challenging!) and attend open classes for the rest of the summer.

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I was going to say CPYB too. I'm pretty sure they are still taking applications. At cpyb you know you're going to have an amazing dancing summer!

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I would also suggest that after calling the SI where you were accepted and explaining the situation that you look around at Pre-pro schools that are well known and might have their own SI's. Many of those will accept videos and since they might do host housing, do not have those limits to deal with. The key is for you to keep dancing. Your illness was unfortunate, you may not have the SI of your dreams this summer, but you can still take good classes.


You can also do a "create your own SI" with a local Pro program's open classes, a weekly private session and your home SI. We did this the summer my DD was recovering from an injury and it worked very well. It is not the best situation but definitely makes lemonade out of lemons.

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You should go to CPYB. It doesn't require auditions but it's still a really good program from what I heard. I have some friends that are going there. :angry:

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It is a great program plus they accept applications for a long time...they were still accepting applications last year like 2 weeks before the program started!

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